aaron hernandez

What Did They Know? What Can They Learn?

Aaron Hernandez’s murder conviction will absolutely not change the way teams assess players with off-the-field problems. But there is one lesson teams can take away. Plus, why the Vikings should move Adrian Peterson, why the Chargers should deal Philip Rivers and why concerns about Jameis Winston are very real

The Young Dinosaur

After back-to-back losing seasons for the first time as New York Giants head coach, 68-year-old Tom Coughlin had no interest in walking away from coaching. He’s even less interested in changing his ways

Aaron Hernandez, an Enigma on Trial

During my years covering the Patriots, I never quite knew what to make of the sometimes genial, sometimes volatile young star. A visit to his trial brought those old feelings back

Fixing a Hole

The loss of tight ends is all the talk in New England, but don't expect the Patriots to be conventional in how they make up for it

In Bill They Trust

Counting out the Pats after a tumultuous offseason? You might want to rethink that

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