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On Bill O’Brien and Those Overachieving Texans

No coaching staff got more out of less last year than that Texans. But with Arian Foster out and still no clear answer at quarterback, is a great scheme plus J.J. Watt enough to earn a Wild-Card spot?

On A Run and Loving It

As the NFL skews more and more toward fantasy-fueled aerial madness, the offenses that stay grounded are the ones piling up the wins. Just look at Dallas

The Sweetness is Souring

The NFL still has star running backs, but how the position is being staffed and compensated is rapidly shifting underfoot. Forget finding the next Walter Payton or chasing Eric Dickerson's rushing record of 2,105 yards. Are we in danger of losing the 1,500-yard season?

The Dialogue Moves Forward

At a Harvard seminar, three of the NFL’s brightest and most engaged stars—Larry Fitzgerald, Arian Foster and Richard Sherman—continued the discussion on race in sports sparked by THAT interview in January

Why the Big-Money Back Is a Vanishing Breed

The position of Sayers, Smith and Sanders is now one of the least valuable in pro football. What led to the dramatic decline in the worth of running backs? Decreasing big-play potency, ever-evolving offenses and just plain cheaper alternatives

Ben Tate: No Pain, No Gain

The Texans’ season is a lost cause, but there’s one reason to stick with them: a running back who’s playing through the agony of four broken ribs—and enduring acupuncture to cope—to prove he’s worth a free-agent investment

Video: The Midweek Report

The hot topics after Week 1: Can Michael Vick stay healthy, are MJD and Arian Foster on the decline, and how should the Giants deal with David Wilson's fumbleitis?

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