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Dan Fouts Gets His Vote

The Hall of Fame quarterback talks about the Canton balloting process, T.O., OT and what makes Tom Brady the G.O.A.T.

Super Bowl 51 Film Notes

Breaking down the plays, schemes and matchups that defined the Patriots’ furious comeback and the Falcons’ epic collapse

Take These Broken Wings

A heartbreaking loss in the Super Bowl can stunt any team, especially one as young as the Falcons. Does Atlanta have what it takes to mount its own comeback?

Good Mourning, Falcons

It won’t be easy overcoming the brutal Super Bowl 51 loss, but if Atlanta can turn the page, it will that see a trip to Minnesota next February isn’t out of the question. Plus T.O.’s Hall of Fame case and more Pats-Falcons mail

Super Bowl 51: Patriots Take the Fifth in Epic Comeback

Trailing Atlanta by 25 points midway through the third quarter, New England never panicked because of one man: Tom Brady. Here are all the details—from MJ to max squats to mothballs—of the legacy-cementing win. Plus notes on HOF votes, Brett Favre’s hobby and more from Houston

Anatomy of an All-Time Super Bowl Collapse

It wasn’t anything Dan Quinn did or didn’t do. The fact that the Falcons’ young, speed-based defense was on the field for the equivalent of a game-and-a-half, against the greatest QB of all time, is what led to the biggest collapse in Super Bowl history

The Greatest Comeback Ever

Tom Brady’s season started with a four-game suspension and ended, in dramatic fashion, with his fifth championship after the Patriots overcame the largest deficit in Super Bowl history. G.O.A.T? No doubt about it

Super Bowl 51: A Coach’s View of Falcons vs. Patriots

Gary Kubiak is uniquely qualified to assess Atlanta and New England and shares his keys to the big game. Plus a look at the Raiders’ options past Las Vegas, two draft studs on the rise and five names to watch Sunday

The Road to Super Bowl 51

The MMQB arrived in Houston to all the glitz and glamour of the NFL’s biggest stage. But just like the players and coaches in this game, we took a long, winding journey to get here

The MVP Candidates*

* Not counting quarterbacks—and ignoring the frantic end-of-game rush to lean on stats—here are the Patriots and Falcons players who could have the biggest impact in Super Bowl 51

The Ballad of Quintorris Jones

Eventually known simply as ‘Julio,’ the star receiver was always larger than life in his Alabama hometown, whether he likes it or not

The Shared Vision That Saved the Atlanta Falcons

When Dan Quinn was hired to coach the Falcons, many assumed that GM Thomas Dimitroff wasn’t long for his job. But the men formed a rare bond under difficult circumstances to make Atlanta a contender again