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‘He Takes the Fun Out of Football’

Emily Kaplan visited Decatur, Ill., the original home of the Chicago Bears franchise, to ask men and women on the street what they think of Roger Goodell, as the commissioner approaches 10 years on the job

Punting on Politics

Donald Trump has publicly courted Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger for endorsements to validate his tough-guy persona, but athletes are being advised to steer clear of the political arena with these two candidates

A Final Cram Before Summer

Guest columnist Emily Kaplan covers Jay Cutler’s defining season to come, the no-growth HGH investigation, the weird off-field predicaments of rookie QBs, a marijuana crusade, Rex Ryan’s bluster and bicycle, and the mom who just might overshadow all the Father’s Day tributes

On Defense, the Bears Restock to Restore

From Butkus to Buddy Ryan to Brian Urlacher, the Bears’ greatest years have been driven by defense. After a string of disappointing seasons a new regime has brought in 10 new defensive starters in less than 18 months, a rapid rebuild designed to put Chicago back in the postseason

Kevin White’s Dream No Longer Deferred

The No. 7 pick of the 2015 draft is finally ready to start his NFL career after missing all of last season. White reflects on the emotional toll of sitting out as a rookie, and the positive outlook on his current health as he goes through OTAs

How Quarterbacks Are Made

The MMQB examined the youth football careers and family backgrounds of the 15 QBs taken in this year’s NFL draft (a record number), and found several key life experiences that appear to be predictors of success. Often, the men who play the position aren’t natural born leaders

The Blitz Is Back! (Maybe)

Some NFL trends—more passing, more shotgun, and a blurring line between 3-4 and 4-3 defenses—become ensconced in the game. Others fade away, like the Wildcat or the read-option. Here are five emerging trends to watch coming out of the 2015 season

The Case for Adam Gase

He has succeeded with Tebow, Manning and Cutler. Why one of the sharpest young offensive minds in football will top head-coaching wish lists this winter

Andy Benoit’s Midseason All-Pro Team

He didn’t consult stats or advanced metrics. The MMQB’s film-study guru simply relied on his own eyes and expertise to compile this list—and he’s ready for your challenge flags

Lights Out Football

In their never-ending quest to find a winning edge, NFL teams are turning their players on to the most accessible and natural performance-enhancer: a good night’s sleep

Five First-Year Finds

While first- and second-round NFL draft picks are supposed to perform immediately, here are five rookies taken in the later rounds (or not at all) who are making an impact