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Can a CFL Wideout Spark Chip Kelly’s Niners Revolution?

The rebuilding project in San Francisco began with Eric Rogers, a Division III product who, on his way to the NFL, spent time in arena ball, the Canadian league and loading trucks for UPS. If Chip Kelly is preaching patience, his first signing knows the drill

Chip Kelly, Take Two

The 49ers’ bold move to hire Chip Kelly leads to questions about how much the ex-Eagles coach learned in his first NFL job. Plus a look at divisional-round games, including one with two teams that are mirror images

Philly’s Missed Opportunity

The Eagles fired Chip Kelly, an abrupt conclusion to a three-year relationship that began with imagination and ended with blown personnel calls. Here’s what went down, and what might be next. Plus reader email

Perception and Truth in Philly

Chip Kelly has taken some hits, in the media and from former players, this off-season. Now it’s the Eagles coach’s turn to communicate his thoughts. Plus, how badminton helped Sam Bradford, an ironman in Cleveland, the 2014 playoff team that’s better than everyone thinks and much more

This Is Protecting The Shield?

The longer the Deflategate saga wears on, the tougher it is to have faith in Roger Goodell and the NFL. Plus, the Cowboys pump up Dez Bryant’s training camp fight, Chip Kelly and racism accusations and why Arian Foster’s injury spells doom for Houston

Chip Kelly’s Bad Rap

The coach’s roster overhaul in Philly has been abrupt, but it’s not—as two ex-Eagles have implied—motivated by racism. Plus, notes on Arian Foster’s bad deal, Jameis Winston’s bad day and Ray Rice’s desperation

No. 3: Chip Kelly Is Not Afraid to Fail

In his first offseason with full control over the roster, Chip Kelly made a series of aggressive moves and cast off a number of popular players. It’s not unlike what another college coach once did with an NFC East power—and Jimmy Johnson built a winner in the 1990s. Johnson weighs in on Kelly’s moves and has advice for the coach as the Eagles fanbase grows restless

No. 23: Sam Bradford

A one-year fallback option for Chip Kelly, or a fallen star about to realize his potential? If Sam Bradford is ever going to re-establish himself as a franchise quarterback, this season, in this system, is the perfect opportunity

Let Brady Deflate the Ball

For the past nine years, NFL quarterbacks have been allowed to doctor game balls in all sorts of ways. So why does air pressure have to be regulated? Plus, notes on LeSean McCoy‘s Chip Kelly comment, draft grades, a relatively surprising cut and more

The Trade That Was Never Going to Happen

All those rumors of huge offers for the No. 2 pick? Didn’t happen. The Titans never got an offer they seriously considered. That’s because Tennessee made sure everyone knew exactly what they thought of Marcus Mariota: He was always going to be their quarterback of the future

Countdown to Pickoff

It’s finally here. The NFL draft begins tonight with the first round from Chicago. Here’s the latest buzz from around the league, including the big rumor involving Marcus Mariota, Tennessee’s No. 2 pick, Philly, Cleveland and Sam Bradford

The Pope, the Problems and the 2015 Schedule

Assigning dates to the 256 NFL games is a complex process. And that’s before a plea on behalf of the pontiff. Here’s how four men and 136 computers navigated approximately 50 ‘must-have’ conditions to nail down this fall’s football slate

The Tim Tebow Trial

The Eagles are giving a chance to the lightning-rod QB who hasn’t played a meaningful down since 2012. Here’s why it’s a smart move by Philly. Plus, two HOF GMs on Winston vs. Mariota, a new look at the Malcolm Butler Super Bowl play and more

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