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T-Minus 7 Days: The Draft’s QBs, Now and Then

We’ve spent months comparing Winston and Mariota to each other. But how do they compare to other recent first-round quarterbacks? An NFL team shares five years of its pre-draft quarterback grades. Plus, notes on Landon Collins, Marcus Peters and the race to be the fourth receiver taken

Finally, Just Football for Super Mario

There's been too much on Mario Williams' mind over the last few years, both on and off the field. Now experiencing harmony in life and with the Bills, he's able to focus on two things: playing angry and taking down the QB

Monday Night Preview

The Vikings debut their new quarterback Monday in New Jersey. Can Josh Freeman keep the Giants winless? Or will Eli Manning and company get it going?

Preseason Takeaways, Take 3

The Jets staff isn't putting Geno Smith in a position to succeed, but Todd Haley finally is with Big Ben in PIttsburgh; more of my thoughts from the preseason's third week

Vikings Preview: So Much to Ponder

Adrian Peterson is hellbent on breaking Eric Dickerson’s single-season rushing record. But to make the playoffs, he may have to sacrifice touches and hope his young QB can carry the load

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