Chuck Noll

The New Noll

Chuck Noll stayed 23 years in Pittsburgh. With 10 playoff wins in seven years and a patient boss, John Harbaugh could be on his way to a similar stature in Baltimore. The Ravens coach would consider it ‘the ultimate accomplishment’

Part I: Man Not Myth

He had a taste for wine, a love of roses, but life was not always that way for Chuck Noll, the unknown coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers

Part II: The Teacher

While other NFL coaches reveled in being regarded as demigods, Chuck Noll of the Steelers wanted to be known as a pedagogue

Mean Joe vs. Double O

In the 1974 AFC Championship Game, two all-time greats went nose to nose across the line of scrimmage. Steelers defensive tackle Joe Greene was at the peak of his power, Raiders center Jim Otto at the end of his career. Their showdown formed the centerpiece of the game that launched the Pittsburgh dynasty

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