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Breaking Down the NFL's Elite Eight

An in-depth look at both sides of the ball for this weekend's four divisional-round playoff games

The Best Buy in Football

At a third of the price of an elite quarterback, a good coach is the wisest expenditure in the salary cap era, and the best way to gain a long-term competitive edge. Plus, thoughts on Adrian Peterson and NFL gambling

Bruce Arians: ‘Have Fun! Throw It!’

The NFL’s midseason frontrunner for coach of the year on his football life, getting fired in Pittsburgh, babysitting Tiki and Ronde, and lessons learned from Bear Bryant, Peyton Manning and Wally Pipp

Colts Preview: Super Bowl Contenders, as Luck Would Have It

Because of Andrew Luck, the Colts have gotten very good very fast. With their superstar quarterback ready to take even more ownership of this offense, Indy is ready to step into the Super Bowl conversation

Colts Report: Luck Leads One of the Top Offenses

With a healthy Reggie Wayne and a blossoming Andrew Luck, Indianapolis should cruise to the AFC South title again. The defense could determine how long the Colts stick around in the postseason

Questioning the Practice

The 2011 CBA was negotiated to reduce mileage on players in the offseason. Coaches hate it, players want access to the facilities, but the time away may make teams better ... plus, a ChuckStrong update and Greg Hardy’s legal woes

Don’t Sleep on Indy

While the Pats and Broncos steal the headlines, the Colts added a potential impact player in Hakeem Nicks to a lineup that should be getting healthier and better in Year 3 of Andrew Luck

What a Difference a Coach Makes

Good coaching has always been important in the NFL. But 2013, more than ever, has emphasized how the man running the sideline can revive—or destroy—a team

A Colt Special

Indy GM Ryan Grigson on last weekend’s 20-point win at San Francisco, getting Trent Richardson up to speed and using scouts as foreign correspondents

Moving Beyond Chuckstrong

Chuck Pagano's battle with leukemia sparked the Colts last year. This year, there's only one source of inspiration in Indy: the Lombardi Trophy