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The Blitz Is Back! (Maybe)

Some NFL trends—more passing, more shotgun, and a blurring line between 3-4 and 4-3 defenses—become ensconced in the game. Others fade away, like the Wildcat or the read-option. Here are five emerging trends to watch coming out of the 2015 season

Settle in for a Long Winter

Football has become an afterthought for 20 franchises now examining everything about the way they do business ... plus, my thoughts on Chip Kelly, Peyton Manning, the Browns’ baseball guy and more

Can a Moneyball Maven Fix the Browns?

Desperate to address organizational chaos, Browns owner Jimmy Haslam reached into the world of baseball analytics and hired Paul DePodesta of Moneyball fame to reshape the woeful Cleveland franchise. An MLB expert weighs in on what it means for the Browns and the NFL

A Revolving Door in the Factory of Sadness

What’s the key to building a winning franchise? Joe Thomas: ‘Continuity.’ LeBron James: ‘Consistency.’ Two words never associated with the Cleveland Browns. Sixteen years after their return to the NFL, the franchise is still frantically searching for the right coach

‘They’re Just Numb’

Browns fans are resigned to losing in legendary fashion, which is what made the kick-six loss to the Ravens almost routine. Two long-time Cleveland observers weigh in on the crushed morale. Plus, reader email

The Week 11 Mailbag

Let's take a spin around the NFL's latest news, including thoughts on Johnny Manziel's starting appointment, Aldon Smith's suspension and an ugly trade. Plus mailbag questions on the Giants, Packers and Seahawks

Andy Benoit’s Midseason All-Pro Team

He didn’t consult stats or advanced metrics. The MMQB’s film-study guru simply relied on his own eyes and expertise to compile this list—and he’s ready for your challenge flags

Lights Out Football

In their never-ending quest to find a winning edge, NFL teams are turning their players on to the most accessible and natural performance-enhancer: a good night’s sleep

It’s Good to be Big Gary

A football ambassador, a companion of WWE Divas, a part-time film critic, and an afterthought for his first seven NFL seasons, Browns tight end Gary Barnidge has emerged as the 2015 season’s most unlikely breakout star

Jim Brown’s Legacy

Tim Layden and Peter King discuss Layden’s longform piece on Brown’s place in NFL history and his significance to today’s game

Why Jim Brown Matters

To his football heirs—from Barry Sanders to Adrian Peterson—he’s the one player by which their own greatness is measured. To those who played with and against the Cleveland Browns legend, his prowess, intensity and intellect remain awe-inspiring. Fifty years after walking away from the game at his peak, he still towers over the NFL. Yes, he was just that good