The Quest for a Better Football Helmet

The game’s health depends on mitigating concussions and trauma caused by subconcussive hits. That’s why the NFL has incentivized the equipment industry with $60 million and called for a better overall helmet within three years, and position-specific helmets within five

Vegas, Maybe!

Even with the city prepared to fund a new stadium for the Raiders, a move to Vegas is far from a done deal. Plus, why the NFL might not be out of the woods yet in regards to the concussion settlement, and the hard-to-believe conclusion regarding Cam Newton and concussion protocol on Opening Night

The NFL’s ‘Concussion’ Problem

On Christmas Day, a wide-release feature film headlined by a megawatt star will spread the story of CTE’s discovery in football players—and the NFL’s years of inaction in combating head trauma—to moviegoers everywhere. Unable to change the past, the NFL is trying to keep the focus on the future

NFL Safety is in Her Hands

Meet Betsy Nabel, the league's recently appointed health and medical adviser. The accomplished cardiologist tackles the future of sideline injury protocol, the health of players in retirement and why she took the job in the first place

New Allies in the Concussion Battle

The NFL is spending millions in grant money as it searches far and wide for ways to stem the tide of the concussion crisis. One unlikely place that could provide help: the U.S. Army Research Laboratory

The Man in Charge of the Future of Football

Former lineman Roman Oben, now the NFL's director of youth football, on growing the game amid health and safety concerns, answering critics regarding the sport's controversial past and why he decided to let his two sons play

Kevin Kolb Battles the Storms, Outside and In

‘Like someone shooting a shotgun next to my ear, every second of every day’—that’s how the former NFL quarterback describes the effects of the concussions he suffered during his six seasons in the league. How do you face a challenge like that and move on?

Trouble in the Trenches

‘Dings,’ ‘bell-ringers’ ... regardless of what they’re called, a new Harvard study reveals that potential concussions are being ignored at the line of scrimmage

A Tie’s a Win for the NFL

The latest turn in the concussion lawsuit saga—a judge gave her preliminary approval to a revised settlement—was good news for both sides. Here, we explain why the league and its owners ultimately will be the biggest beneficiaries

Getting Down to Business

You've got questions about the varying financial aspects of football, and we've got answers. Let's dive into topics such as quarterback values, playoff pay, coaching contracts and the recent snag in the NFL’s concussion settlement

Where the Game is Headed

Will football fade away, or adapt and grow? We take a realistic look at the NFL a decade down the road and find a safer game thanks to technological advances, refinement of the rules and a focus on playing smarter

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