Cordarrelle Patterson

A New Season Begins

The official start of the offseason marks the transition from “we time” to “me time” for NFL players. Here are 12 offseason predictions about who will get paid, who won’t, and how ongoing controversies will be resolved

The Game Goes On

With the Ray Rice incident hanging over Thursday night's Steelers-Ravens matchup, fans arrived at M&T Bank Stadium feeling conflicted ... until the pads started popping. Plus, the best game of Week 2 and nine more things to watch

Everything We Thought Was Wrong

A backup quarterback rescues Carolina. Miami’s D rocks Tom Brady’s Pats. The Saints can’t stop Matt Ryan. The Eagles nearly implode. The one lesson from Week 1: The NFL is as unpredictable as ever. Plus weekly awards, the Fine 15 and 10 things I think

Vikings Preview: The AD Conundrum

Adrian Peterson is one of the greatest runners of all time, but the Vikings have gotten nowhere while relying on him. With a new coach and a new home, can they finally find the supporting cast they need to break through?

Matthew Stafford Comes of Age

Sometimes you just feel it. And on Sunday, staring a loss in the face, the QB felt it, leading the Lions to an inexplicable victory and growing up a lot in the process. Plus, more of my thoughts from an offense-heavy Week 8

The Touchback Era Is Ruining the Game

Special teams used to have a major impact and serve as a proving ground for players and coaches. The new rules have turned the third phase of the game into an afterthought—and sucked some of the fun out of football

Vikings Preview: So Much to Ponder

Adrian Peterson is hellbent on breaking Eric Dickerson’s single-season rushing record. But to make the playoffs, he may have to sacrifice touches and hope his young QB can carry the load

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