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No. 82: Mike McCarthy

After a crushing loss in the NFC title game he made a rare, drastic move: He gave up play-calling duties. How will it affect one of the NFL’s elite teams?

‘I Chickened Out’

Ex-linebacker Scott Fujita nearly walked away because of concussion concerns but couldn’t ‘get off the hamster wheel.’ His perspective on Chris Borland’s bold decision, plus answering questions about Deflategate, Marcus Mariota and more

De Smith Stays. Will Anything Change?

Despite vocal discontent from a host of challengers, DeMaurice Smith has been re-elected for another three years as the NFLPA’s boss. Will the players’ lot, or union-league relations, improve?

‘Confusion, Mistrust, Frustration, Anger’

NFLPA boss DeMaurice Smith and president Eric Winston speak out strongly against what they see as commissioner Roger Goodell’s unilateral and arbitrary enforcement of new discipline. If “Everything is on the table,” the union asks, why won’t the NFL come to the table?

The Reduced Offseason

With strict limits on player activity between February and July, coaches have complained about the negative impact on the sport’s quality. It only makes sense, since the restrictions were put in place without input from those griping

The NFL Has A Major Underclassmen Problem

And it's only getting bigger. Due to the collective bargaining agreement in 2011, college players are eager to enter the NFL as soon as possible. The influx is negatively impacting the prospects and current players, with no end in sight

Here Come The Suits

As the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin saga enters its second week, all parties involved are preparing for what comes next. From the players to the team to the league, here's a look at how this ugly situation in Miami might be resolved

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