Dennis Pitta

Waging Four Battles and Relying on Joe Cool

The Ray Rice scandal rocked the NFL, but not the Ravens’ locker room. Once the domain of a spitfire linebacker named Ray Lewis, it’s now the province of a ho-hum quarterback who prefers talking over yelling. A look at how Joe Flacco has kept Baltimore on track—and how the team upgraded at running back

Baltimore Bounce-Back?

A disappointing, 8-8 defense of their Super Bowl title in the rearview, the Ravens entered the offseason on a mission: Improve the disastrous offense. A look at the progress, plus notes on Alex Mack, the 2015 QB draft class and more

Legislating Language: Will the NFL Ban the N-Word?

One current All-Pro calls the idea ‘atrocious.’ But one Hall of Famer argues it's dishonorable for today’s players to use the word. The NFL is now stuck in the middle as it considers passing a rule to penalize those who use it on the field

They're Dangerous, and Knocking on the Door

The Ravens are the team no one in the AFC wants to see in January. The Lions can help land a blow to Baltimore's postseason hopes this week, but that all depends on Good Detroit showing up. Will they?

The ’Boys Are Blowing It

After getting beaten badly by the Bears on Monday night, the Cowboys are looking like playoff long shots. Is there any hope for Tony Romo and company? Plus, an amazing comeback tale in Baltimore and the weekly mailbag

Best of Times, Worst of Times

Week 14 was the most exciting of the season so far, with records—and snow—falling all over and a blizzard-like finish in Baltimore. Sadly, though, it wasn't all fun and games, with a series of badly blown calls in key spots casting a shadow over Sunday

Ravens Should Double-Down on the Ground

Without Anquan Boldin or Dennis Pitta, Baltimore needs to change its look. How about starting with a two-headed backfield?

The Post-Pitta Problem (It’s a Big One)

The way the Ravens deployed Anquan Boldin and Dennis Pitta down the stretch turned Baltimore into a Super Bowl winner. Now the champs must find two guys with the strength and the guts to go over the middle and unhinge a defense

The $2M Mistake

Bad communication cost the 49ers’ Tarell Brown big. How does that happen?