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Scouting Denver: An All Time Great D

Why T.J. Ward’s boast has some merit, the unsung heroes of the defensive line, why Gary Kubiak doesn’t need a great quarterback, and why the Broncos might have found two big-time upgrades at offensive tackle

Are You Ready for This, Denver?

After a tumultuous offseason, the Super Bowl champions go into their title defense with one massive question mark at quarterback but a whole lot of commitment to fight complacency

Brady Gives In

Finally, it's over! Albert Breer discusses Tom Brady's decision to end his battle with the NFL over Deflategate and also breaks down the mega-deals for Mo Wilkerson and Von Miller

Deal and No Deal

In Philadelphia, the league’s highest-spending team goes all-in on Fletcher Cox. In Denver, Von Miller 's stalemate with the Broncos goes nowhere ... for now

Big Shoes to Fill

With training camps a month away, a number of teams are staring down roster problems that opened up this offseason. The 12 most problematic roster holes that opened this offseason, and how each team plans to address them

Punting on Politics

Donald Trump has publicly courted Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger for endorsements to validate his tough-guy persona, but athletes are being advised to steer clear of the political arena with these two candidates

A Final Cram Before Summer

Guest columnist Emily Kaplan covers Jay Cutler’s defining season to come, the no-growth HGH investigation, the weird off-field predicaments of rookie QBs, a marijuana crusade, Rex Ryan’s bluster and bicycle, and the mom who just might overshadow all the Father’s Day tributes

Me Versus Chris Harris

A one-time star tight end (well, in middle school) and current 29-year-old journalist, I challenged the Broncos’ All-Pro cornerback to an afternoon of one-on-ones. To my surprise, he accepted. My journey to a turf field in Tulsa, from the elation of a nine-yard reception to the pain and embarrassment of… pretty much everything else that happened that day

How Quarterbacks Are Made

The MMQB examined the youth football careers and family backgrounds of the 15 QBs taken in this year’s NFL draft (a record number), and found several key life experiences that appear to be predictors of success. Often, the men who play the position aren’t natural born leaders

Last Thoughts on the Draft

Although it is a convenient narrative, the bong video was not the sole reason for Laremy Tunsil’s slide. Plus, notes on John Elway, Sam Bradford's trade request, and the medical side of the draft

Super Bowl Champs Win the First Round of the Draft, Too

With surprises and gas masks distracting things on draft night, Denver quietly moved up in Round 1 and selected the heir to Peyton Manning. Here’s how patience helped John Elway pull it off. Plus 10 things I think, including Laremy Tunsil‘s free fall and the best players left for Round 2

A Super Bowl Safari

Five days after hoisting the Lombardi Trophy, DeMarcus Ware and Demaryius Thomas hopped on a plane to celebrate—but they didn’t go to Disney World. The teammates went to South Africa, where they encountered a baboon, a lion chase and the lingering impact of Apartheid

The Kaepernick Triangle

A look at the quarterback’s bid to get out of San Francisco, and why the defending champs hold all the cards. Plus, D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Calvin Johnson and the difference between ‘early retirement’ and ‘voluntary retirement’