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"Peyton has a lot more zip"

Greg Bishop's report from the Broncos final day of training camp, where players are raving about Peyton Manning's arm. Peyton's pay cut might be a motivating factor for him this season, and the 39-year-old quarterback returns with more "zip" than ever before

Peyton’s Hot Starts, Cold Finishes

Forecasting more cold-weather problems for Peyton Manning. Plus, thoughts on Bill O’Brien’s starring role on Hard Knocks, the unsung hero in Chris Johnson’s return to the NFL and RG3’s confident comments

Unfinished Business

After a 9-1 start in 2014, the Cardinals limped to a weak finish after losing Carson Palmer to an ACL injury. Will the now healthy QB pick up where he left off? Plus, Mike Tannenbaum's second chance, inside HBO's new football show and more

Trouble on the Line

A season-ending injury for left tackle Ryan Clady isn’t a big deal; the Broncos’ offensive line was going to be shaky anyway. The real question is how new coach Gary Kubiak will meld his offense with Peyton Manning and a host of new faces

Offseason Power Rankings

No better time than the first day of June to unleash a list of how the NFL teams stack up, 1 to 32, heading into the summer. Why I like the Chiefs and Vikings more than most, plus notes on a happy family weekend in Northern California

A Top 10 Moment for Peyton Manning

After his appearance on the “Late Show” finale, the Broncos quarterback pens a tribute to David Letterman

The Young Dinosaur

After back-to-back losing seasons for the first time as New York Giants head coach, 68-year-old Tom Coughlin had no interest in walking away from coaching. He’s even less interested in changing his ways

The Bucs Start Here

Jameis Winston, No. 1 overall? Tampa Bay's investigation into what will become the most scrutinized pick in draft history has only begun. Plus Los Angeles and realignment talk, Sam Bradford-to-Browns rumors and Denver's potential problem

Awaiting Peyton’s Decision

Listening to John Elway talk about Peyton Manning and seeing his coldhearted dealings with John Fox, I was reminded of the Packers’ circumstances with Brett Favre in 2008. As stoic as Manning is, everyone likes to be recruited

The Sun Hasn't Set on Peyton Manning

I watched every drop-back he took this season, and I don't believe I was watching a quarterback who is washed-up. Why Peyton Manning shouldn't retire

The Denver Fallout

Not even 24 hours after a one-and-done playoff appearance, the Broncos and coach John Fox parted ways. Here's a look at who Denver might be targeting, where Fox will land and how the other five coaching vacancies stand right now

Replaying a Classic

A heartbreaking reversal of fortune ends the Cowboys’ dream season, Peyton goes out with a whimper (for the last time?), and the Patriots borrow a trick from Nick Saban to win a wild one. (Seattle? They just keep beating people up.) Plus, the coaching carousel and everything else from a dizzying NFL weekend

Is Peyton Manning Done? Well, It’s Complicated

Peyton Manning's future in the NFL is uncertain after the Broncos' loss to the Colts in the divisional round. In addition to the quarterback's age and declining arm, there are other factors—including potential changes on Denver's coaching staff—that could determine whether the future Hall of Famer hangs up his cleats

Carolina vs. Goliath

The divisional round has not been kind to No. 1 seeds of late. Can the Panthers pull off the impossible and defeat the defending champion Seahawks in Seattle? Plus, a pair of players in the spotlight and 10 things to watch for this weekend

Breaking Down the NFL's Elite Eight

An in-depth look at both sides of the ball for this weekend's four divisional-round playoff games

Four More Playoff Battles

Previewing the weekend's divisional-round playoff games