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A Super Bowl Redo

After experiencing the gut-punch of Super Bowl XLVIII in New York, two Broncos fans made Super Bowl 50 a family affair and experienced joy in more ways than one

The Manning-Favre Exit

Great quarterbacks often go out less than willingly. Peyton Manning, however, has the chance to leave on his own accord like another all-timer did—at least, temporarily

The Blitz Is Back! (Maybe)

Some NFL trends—more passing, more shotgun, and a blurring line between 3-4 and 4-3 defenses—become ensconced in the game. Others fade away, like the Wildcat or the read-option. Here are five emerging trends to watch coming out of the 2015 season

How Super Bowl QBs View Cam’s Choice Not to Dive

Cam Newton has been under fire for not appearing to attempt to recover a fumble late in Super Bowl 50. Rather than pile on, we asked four men who took snaps on the NFL’s biggest stage to see what they’d have done

The MMQB Podcast: Super Bowl Analysis

Robert Mays and Andy Benoit analyze how the Broncos defense was able to overwhelm Carolina en route to a 24-10 victory and look at what could come next for both these teams in the wake of the big game

And the Kickoff Game Is...

The Broncos will open the 2016 season at home on a Thursday night. Here’s a ranking of who Denver’s opponent might be. Plus my thoughts on the Cam Newton fumble, the Johnny drama and answers to your email

Miller, Money and Metallica

The Super Bowl is over and the circus has left San Francisco. Let’s take a second to reflect on everything we learned about the Broncos’ health, the Panthers’ problems and the sheer size of those burritos in The Mission 

From the Depths, Von Miller Reaches the Top

Selected one spot behind Cam Newton in 2011, the Broncos defender hit bottom two years ago and missed out on Super Bowl 48. Now, after outplaying his ’11 draft counterpart in Super Bowl 50, he’s solidified his status as a franchise player. Next up: one massive off-season payday

‘We Read Them Like a Book’

Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips and his unit utilized ‘green-dog’ blitzes and an extra lineman to overwhelm Cam Newton and a Panthers offense that had no answers in Super Bowl 50

A Super Bowl Sunset

In the twilight of his career, Peyton Manning wasn’t the man in Denver’s Super Bowl 50 win, but he didn’t need to be. The defense dismantled the Panthers, which left the Broncos QB ‘at peace’ as he weighs retirement. Plus an inside look at the Hall of Fame vote and more from Santa Clara

The MMQB Podcast: Super Bowl Special

Robert Mays takes the MMQB Podcast on the road to radio row in Santa Clara, Calif. to get the inside scoop on each of the teams entering Super Bowl 50, including discussions with Jonathan Jones, the Charlotte Observer beat writer for the Panthers, and Lindsey Jones, an NFL writer for USA Today with some inside knowledge on the Broncos

Is This Cam’s Kryptonite?

The Panthers have won 22 of their last 24 games. Both their defeats came against defenses orchestrated by Dan Quinn. The Atlanta coach shares some of the insights on how his Falcons conquered Cam Newton and Carolina in the Panthers’ lone loss this season

Super Bowl Picks Across America

As The MMQB crossed the country on our #SB50RoadTrip, we asked people along the way to predict Super Bowl 50. Here’s how the big game will play out, according to waitresses, state troopers, hotel desk clerks, college football players and a few Pro Football Hall of Famers

Two Unique Contracts for Two Super Bowl QBs

A year ago, Cam Newton and Peyton Manning both found themselves in unusual contract situations. Plus, the cap ramifications of Calvin Johnson’s (possible) retirement, the Chargers’ decision to stay (for now), and the new Thursday Night Football broadcast split

Wade’s World

Super Bowl week kicked off with the spectacle of the first-ever Media Night. One question worth asking: How are Wade Phillips and his Broncos defense planning on stopping Cam Newton?