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How Quarterbacks Are Made

The MMQB examined the youth football careers and family backgrounds of the 15 QBs taken in this year’s NFL draft (a record number), and found several key life experiences that appear to be predictors of success. Often, the men who play the position aren’t natural born leaders

Last Thoughts on the Draft

Although it is a convenient narrative, the bong video was not the sole reason for Laremy Tunsil’s slide. Plus, notes on John Elway, Sam Bradford's trade request, and the medical side of the draft

Super Bowl Champs Win the First Round of the Draft, Too

With surprises and gas masks distracting things on draft night, Denver quietly moved up in Round 1 and selected the heir to Peyton Manning. Here’s how patience helped John Elway pull it off. Plus 10 things I think, including Laremy Tunsil‘s free fall and the best players left for Round 2

A Super Bowl Safari

Five days after hoisting the Lombardi Trophy, DeMarcus Ware and Demaryius Thomas hopped on a plane to celebrate—but they didn’t go to Disney World. The teammates went to South Africa, where they encountered a baboon, a lion chase and the lingering impact of Apartheid

The Kaepernick Triangle

A look at the quarterback’s bid to get out of San Francisco, and why the defending champs hold all the cards. Plus, D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Calvin Johnson and the difference between ‘early retirement’ and ‘voluntary retirement’

Agentless in Denver

Former Seahawks tackle Russell Okung negotiated his own free-agent deal with the Broncos, learning the hard way that there’s a difference between "Show me the money!" and "Guarantee me the money!"

How Peyton Manning Changed the Game

The Broncos and Colts legend achieved greatness through unparalleled intellectual commitment and complete command on the field, the model for every quarterback to come after him. And he leaves the game as, unquestionably, one of the all-time best

‘He Set the Standard’

As Peyton Manning rides off into the sunset—he’ll make his retirement official today in Denver—his most worthy adversary, Tom Brady, lauds a competitor who ‘mastered’ the game. Plus a quick look at free agency, including three teams likely to spend lavishly when the market opens

A Super Bowl Redo

After experiencing the gut-punch of Super Bowl XLVIII in New York, two Broncos fans made Super Bowl 50 a family affair and experienced joy in more ways than one

The Manning-Favre Exit

Great quarterbacks often go out less than willingly. Peyton Manning, however, has the chance to leave on his own accord like another all-timer did—at least, temporarily

The Blitz Is Back! (Maybe)

Some NFL trends—more passing, more shotgun, and a blurring line between 3-4 and 4-3 defenses—become ensconced in the game. Others fade away, like the Wildcat or the read-option. Here are five emerging trends to watch coming out of the 2015 season

How Super Bowl QBs View Cam’s Choice Not to Dive

Cam Newton has been under fire for not appearing to attempt to recover a fumble late in Super Bowl 50. Rather than pile on, we asked four men who took snaps on the NFL’s biggest stage to see what they’d have done

The MMQB Podcast: Super Bowl Analysis

Robert Mays and Andy Benoit analyze how the Broncos defense was able to overwhelm Carolina en route to a 24-10 victory and look at what could come next for both these teams in the wake of the big game