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The Evolution of the Saints Passing Game

Jimmy Graham is gone, and while many won't admit it Drew Brees’ arm strength is starting to tail off. Their roster changes hint at the inevitable: The Saints plan to move away from the vertical passing game that has defined the Payton-Brees era

No. 23: Sam Bradford

A one-year fallback option for Chip Kelly, or a fallen star about to realize his potential? If Sam Bradford is ever going to re-establish himself as a franchise quarterback, this season, in this system, is the perfect opportunity

An Aging Star, A Lost Season

It's been more than a month since the Saints were eliminated from playoff contention. Now 36, Drew Brees can only hope the franchise learns from its mistakes and turns things around—before it’s too late for him

Talented Losers

The New Orleans Saints have plenty of talent and good coaching, but winning games in the NFL takes professionalism and leadership too. These Saints have neither

Week 8: Percy Harvin Goes Green

Percy Harvin is pegged for a big role in his New York Jets debut. Plus, it's an afternoon for the birds when the 5-1 Cardinals host the 5-1 Eagles, and superstar QBs Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees go head-to-head on Sunday night

Saints Under Siege

Sloppy defensive play and poor pass protection. Even after a bye week to get things right, the Saints repeated the same mistakes as their season continues to slip away

The Case for Tony Romo and Philip Rivers

Discussions on the best quarterback of the past decade generally land on four names—Manning, Brady, Brees, Rodgers. But there's an argument to be made for two more additions, both of whom are having MVP-like seasons in 2014

The Week 4 Mailbag

An explanation on why we devoted space on a football website to talk about Derek Jeter. Plus questions on the road failures of Sean Payton and Drew Brees, Cam Newton's body language and what the future might hold for the Titans

Real Good, Real Fast

His speed is the first thing that catches your eye. But his savvy, the kind rarely seen in 20-year-old rookies, is what will make New Orleans Saints receiver Brandin Cooks a special player

Saints Preview: Beating the 'Blueprint'

Some feel the Seahawks found the blueprint for shutting down the Saints' prolific offense. But Sean Payton's play designs, plus Drew Brees' talent and an improving defense, will have New Orleans back in the Super Bowl hunt

Saints, Alive!

New Orleans’ purge of key weapons has left its franchise tight end ‘shocked and disappointed.’ But with Sean Payton and Drew Brees running the show—and Jimmy Graham sticking around—Who Dat Nation will be just fine

Why Your Playoff Team Didn’t Reach XLVIII: NFC

The failure to secure home-field advantage. A weak ground game. Unable to stop the run. A rusty QB. Three second-half turnovers. Diagnosing why the Saints, Panthers, Eagles, Packers and 49ers missed out on a trip to MetLife

The Saints’ Mastermind

Sean Payton had to shake off some rust coming back from last year’s Bountygate suspension. But after getting New Orleans past the Eagles in last weekend’s wild-card round, it’s like he never left

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