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On Film Study, Texting Coaches and Seattle’s MVP

For an inveterate tape-watcher, the complexity and beauty of pro football are on display in the All-22 film, but neither it nor an intimate insider can definitively name which Seahawk is most valuable. Plus notes on Jameis Winston, Tim Tebow, RG3 and more

What Will the Falcons Be?

New Atlanta coach Dan Quinn has roots all over the football landscape, so identifying what kind of team to expect is not as simple as saying the Falcons will be Seahawks South. Plus thoughts on the draft, including one QB to watch

The NFL’s Dirty Laundry

While the media obsesses over quiet players and PSI, the biggest problems in professional football go unnoticed. From concussions to non-guaranteed contracts, players are getting fed up with the league's rampant hypocrisy

Why Seattle’s DBs Rule

The Seahawks secondary might be the NFL's best unit. How'd it happen? Meet position coach Kris Richard, who's about to become the next hot coordinator

A Conversation with the Legion of Boom

After an almost unfathomable comeback win in the NFC championship, we joined up with Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Byron Maxwell, Jeremy Lane and, of course, Richard Sherman as they prepared for a Sports Illustrated cover shoot, and for the Patriots. Here’s what they had to say about teamwork, where they stand in history and, oh yeah, Tom Brady

It’s About More than Me

Feels great to be back on the biggest stage—more established, a little more grown up—with my Legion of Boom brothers. Above all, these past 12 months have shown me that we have the power, and the duty, to shape our own destinies

When They Were Younger

The men playing in Super Bowl XLIX are remembered by their high school and college coaches, who share stories about their former charges playing a church organ, tricking out a beat-up Cadillac, giving haircuts in the locker room and getting trapped in a locker (we’re looking at you, Tom Brady)

An Early Look at Super Sunday

Seattle must overcome injuries, and the Patriots must get help for Tom Brady. An early look at the key players and matchups that will decide Super Bowl 49

All-Pro Showdown

Rodgers or Romo? Revis or Harris? Gostkowski or Vinatieri? Greg Bedard and Peter King debate their 2014 All-Pro ballots and awards picks

Big Ben Goes Boom

Ben Roethlisberger’s ridiculous numbers—522 yards, six TDs—stood out on perhaps the greatest collective passing day in NFL history. Plus, a speedster from Pittsburg (the one in Kansas) wins it for the Cardinals, why the Seahawks are still in trouble, a new No. 1 in the Fine Fifteen and much more

What Hangover?

As the Super Bowl champion Seahawks open camp, they vow there’ll be no drop-off in intensity or commitment. And if someone falters—or isn’t around—it's Next Man Up

Another Super Strategy

What do you draft for a team that has everything? Even with the Lombardi in hand, the Seahawks know change happens swiftly in the NFL. That’s why Seattle would be smart to look well into the future come the weekend of May 8-10

The Evolution of the L.O.B.

What will Peyton Manning see when he looks at the Seahawks’ secondary on Sunday? A group working hard to disguise their looks and trying to befuddle the Broncos’ quarterback. Anything less than that, and Seattle will come up short of hoisting the Lombardi

The Unstoppable Force vs. The Immovable Object

Sometimes, the obvious storyline entering a game isn't the most important or impactful one. But Seattle's Super Bowl 48 hopes really do rest on whether its secondary can stop Peyton Manning and the Broncos' vaulted passing game

The 13th Man

'Next man up' might be an overused sports cliché, but it's also the reason my Seahawks are going to beat the 49ers. Meet my defensive backfield partner Byron Maxwell, whose strong play has us on the brink of Super Bowl XLVIII

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