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What 54 NFL Passes Tell Us About Brock Osweiler

Peyton Manning’s backup will make his first career start against the Bears—and against his old coaches who know his weaknesses. Look for Gary Kubiak to start installing the offense he always wanted in Denver

Six and Oh, How the Sky is Falling Down on Denver

The standings say the Broncos are unbeaten, but the football public perceives problems for coach Gary Kubiak’s crew. Is Peyton Manning really done? Tackling that, plus mailbag questions on the Jets’ success without Rex Ryan, Seattle’s struggles and the fallacy of full-time refs

A Rocky Start for Peyton and His New Offense

The Broncos opened the 2015 season—and the Gary Kubiak era—by gutting out a defensive battle. Peyton Manning’s diminishing arm strength and lack of mobility were issues, but if you look closely enough, you can see why the Manning-Kubiak marriage can work

Denver's Defense Key to Another Playoff Run

For the first time in Peyton Manning's career, the veteran QB can rely on his defense to carry more of the burden than the offense. The Broncos are ripe with playmakers on that side of the ball, making January football very likely

Trouble on the Line

A season-ending injury for left tackle Ryan Clady isn’t a big deal; the Broncos’ offensive line was going to be shaky anyway. The real question is how new coach Gary Kubiak will meld his offense with Peyton Manning and a host of new faces

The Young Dinosaur

After back-to-back losing seasons for the first time as New York Giants head coach, 68-year-old Tom Coughlin had no interest in walking away from coaching. He’s even less interested in changing his ways

Awaiting Peyton’s Decision

Listening to John Elway talk about Peyton Manning and seeing his coldhearted dealings with John Fox, I was reminded of the Packers’ circumstances with Brett Favre in 2008. As stoic as Manning is, everyone likes to be recruited

Out of the Shadows

Just a few months after he thought his career might be over, Justin Forsett ran for a career-high 182 yards in the Ravens’ win over the Saints on Monday. Now on his fifth team in seven years, this journeyman could make a trip to the Pro Bowl

Waging Four Battles and Relying on Joe Cool

The Ray Rice scandal rocked the NFL, but not the Ravens’ locker room. Once the domain of a spitfire linebacker named Ray Lewis, it’s now the province of a ho-hum quarterback who prefers talking over yelling. A look at how Joe Flacco has kept Baltimore on track—and how the team upgraded at running back

Ravens Report: Looking Beyond Ray Rice

Gary Kubiak has arrived to juice the offense and push the QB, and old-timer/newcomer Steve Smith looks great early. But Baltimore is aging—and won’t have its load-bearing back for the critical first two games

There’s Life in Sun Life

Dennis Hickey, the Dolphins’ new GM, has the tools—and the cap room—to build a winner. Plus, how J.J. Watt plays into Houston’s Jadeveon Clowney decision

Ben Tate: No Pain, No Gain

The Texans’ season is a lost cause, but there’s one reason to stick with them: a running back who’s playing through the agony of four broken ribs—and enduring acupuncture to cope—to prove he’s worth a free-agent investment

What Can This Brown Do? A Lot

Cleveland may turn to its fourth different starting quarterback of 2013 this weekend, but no matter to Josh Gordon: the rapidly ascending and record-setting receiver has shown an ability to put up yards and create big plays no matter who's throwing him the ball

So Happy Together

The Saints' offense is getting overlooked in the team's 2013 revival, as most focus on Rob Ryan and the defense. But the reunited pairing leading a revitalized attack, the symbiotic coach and quarterback, are having just as much of an impact

What a Difference a Coach Makes

Good coaching has always been important in the NFL. But 2013, more than ever, has emphasized how the man running the sideline can revive—or destroy—a team

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