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Ranking NFL Quarterbacks

From Aaron and Andrew to Wilson and Winston, here's how the starting quarterbacks for all 32 teams stack up heading into summer training camp

Who Needs Mariota?

Not the Oakland Raiders; rookie Derek Carr has proved he has what it takes to become a franchise QB. Plus, what separates Russell Wilson from Colin Kaepernick, the Cowboys’ screen game and the Chargers D

Finding Mr. Right, or Stuck with Mr. Wrong

When a team has a franchise quarterback, it wins. When a team doesn’t, it loses, and the search to find one consumes the entire organization for years. Too simplistic? It’s the reality in today’s QB-centric NFL

Big Ben Goes Boom

Ben Roethlisberger’s ridiculous numbers—522 yards, six TDs—stood out on perhaps the greatest collective passing day in NFL history. Plus, a speedster from Pittsburg (the one in Kansas) wins it for the Cardinals, why the Seahawks are still in trouble, a new No. 1 in the Fine Fifteen and much more

Nobody Is Laughing

With a fourth straight loss coming in embarrassing fashion, the Jets are in disarray to the point that Rex Ryan could be out of a job. But the head coach is far from the reason Gang Green has fallen apart

The Franchise Backup

His first NFL coach laments unrealized potential. His current ones question his drive. On his last football legs at 34, Michael Vick appears content watching from the Jets’ sideline and taking what he calls ‘a step back away from the game’

Jets Preview: Rex Ryan's Last Stand

There are so many questions in New York: Who will be the quarterback? Which Chris Johnson will show up? Can the defense survive without a star cornerback? The answers will determine the temperature of Rex Ryan's seat come January

Jets Report: It’s Geno’s Job to Lose

In the second year of GM John Idzik’s tenure, the Jets are hoping to put their trust in second-year QB Geno Smith. Michael Vick might be on the bench waiting to seize an opportunity, but the future is now

Locker-Room Culture Change Starts Now

The NFL begins its three-week, 32-team journey to improve the workplace environment. Plus, celebrating 25 years at Sports Illustrated, an owner talks Los Angeles and London, commencement speeches and a travel note to beat 'em all

Vick? Geno? What Are the Jets Doing?

Signing Michael Vick in free agency was a head-scratching move for a team that spent a high draft pick on Geno Smith 10 months earlier. All signs point to a faux QB competition and a decision-making group simply trying not to get fired

Philly’s Perfect Pitcher

For the second straight year, a sophomore backup QB in September is making serious noise in December. This time it’s Nick Foles, who’s climbing statistically over the league’s best passers while willing the Eagles back into playoff contention

Rex Isn’t Done. Far From It

Thanks to self-belief and some standout performances, the Jets have been better than anyone—except their once-embattled coach—expected. Plus, your letters on football and your heartfelt thoughts on Bailey

Growing Up Geno

The same way it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a 53-man roster (and then some) to nurture and bring along a rookie quarterback. At the season's midpoint, the Jets' second-round pick has them looking like playoff contenders

Geno Versus the Falcons

Rookie QB Geno Smith is better than his numbers, but will the Jets’ faith in him be rewarded against a struggling (and desperate) Atlanta team?

Video: One Last Dress Rehearsal on Tap

Every team's struggle to solidify the bottom of the roster, along with the Jets' QB situation and Dion Jordan's status, are what to watch in preseason's final weekend

Preseason Takeaways, Take 3

The Jets staff isn't putting Geno Smith in a position to succeed, but Todd Haley finally is with Big Ben in PIttsburgh; more of my thoughts from the preseason's third week

Arian Foster: The AFC’s Mystery Man

His health in question and his presence looming large in the Super Bowl picture, the Texans’ running back insists he's feeling fine; why Rex Ryan guaranteed his firing; more