Giovani Bernard

Bengals Preview: New Staff, Same Stars

After three straight playoff appearances, the Bengals lost their offensive and defensive coordinators to head coaching jobs. But adjusting to a new staff is secondary to the development of their young players, specifically QB Andy Dalton

So This is the NFL, Part I

Every summer, the NFL's first-year players travel to a hotel in Northeast Ohio for a crash course on what life is really like in pro football. This year, we were there too. Here are Days 1 and 2 at the Rookie Symposium

Cincy’s Secret Weapon

Giovani Bernard can do it all: carry, catch and, most critically, pass-block. But for the Bengals to advance in the playoffs for the first time since before he was born, he’ll have to power through the rookie wall

Desperation Rising

Up against the wall already in this young fantasy season? You'll have to be bold in Week 4 to get back in the game

Hard Knocks: The Realest Reality TV

Inside the production of the show’s eighth season, where the sweat, blood and sacrifice of training camp is broadcast for the world’s enjoyment

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