Greg Jennings

T-Minus 42 Days: And In This Corner...

The draft's top cover men are the soft-spoken Trae Waynes and the brash Marcus Peters. How much does personality play into a corner's draft stock? Plus, meet the punter who walked away from the game to join the military, only to return to the gridiron years later and become the draft's top leg

Fantasy Check: August 14

Who’ll step up in Cleveland for Josh Gordon, looking beyond Cordarrelle Patterson in Minnesota and the most undervalued top RB

Buyer Beware

Every year, there are cautionary tales about overspending on talent. And every year, teams still part ways with big money, significant draft picks, or both to find what they hope is the final piece. This year is no different, with disappointments abound

Finally, Just Football for Super Mario

There's been too much on Mario Williams' mind over the last few years, both on and off the field. Now experiencing harmony in life and with the Bills, he's able to focus on two things: playing angry and taking down the QB

Monday Night Preview

The Vikings debut their new quarterback Monday in New Jersey. Can Josh Freeman keep the Giants winless? Or will Eli Manning and company get it going?

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