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Football’s Focus Group

The ultimate outsider—an Englishman who never played the game—abandoned a profitable business to run an NFL advanced stats website. In just a few years he’s gone from 80 page views a week to overseeing an international staff of 80 that’s helping to transform the league

Lions Preview: Is This Just Fantasy?

The Lions have piled up gaudy individual statistics in recent seasons. Can a new coaching staff make that translate to wins?

A Father’s Life Lessons

We asked a dozen men in the NFL—players, coaches and executives—to share the best thing they’ve learned from their dad or an influential father figure. Here’s the wisdom that’s been passed on by mail carriers, businessmen, high school coaches, Hall of Famers, construction workers, educators and military veterans

Plenty Denial, but No Discipline, in Detroit

The Lions are still committing needless penalties with their unhinged approach, and it's clear they refuse to look in the mirror. But where are they getting their cue?

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