head trauma in football: a special report




Matthew Stafford Comes of Age

Sometimes you just feel it. And on Sunday, staring a loss in the face, the QB felt it, leading the Lions to an inexplicable victory and growing up a lot in the process. Plus, more of my thoughts from an offense-heavy Week 8

Where the Game is Headed

Will football fade away, or adapt and grow? We take a realistic look at the NFL a decade down the road and find a safer game thanks to technological advances, refinement of the rules and a focus on playing smarter

The Other Lawsuit

Retired players settled with the NFL out of court, but they still have pending concussion litigation against helmet manufacturer Riddell. No one’s talking—there's a gag order in place—but we break down the particulars and try to predict how football will adapt to growing concerns about brain trauma

You Can't Please Everybody

The NFL is doing what it can to solve its head trauma issue through an ongoing evaluation and revision of its rules. Ask the players for their take, and they'll say football needs to change. But what should that change look like? It depends on whom you ask

Life After Concussions

What is it like to learn the latest information about the effects of head injuries, knowing you suffered a few yourself? Ex-NFL player Nate Jackson shares his perspective of being scared to death while simultaneously craving to play again

The Price of Head Injuries

Football has come a long way in raising awareness about the seriousness of concussions, but the resulting knowledge could end up having a negative impact on how college players are scouted before the NFL draft

A Clear Mission

Head trauma dominates the headlines, forcing many to debate the future of football. But a high school coach in Arizona wonders how society could ever eliminate something so beneficial?

A Moral Dilemma

Though he played football through college, a high school coach from the Northeast believes the risk of head trauma is now too grave and won’t let his children play. He questions the ethics of leading others’ kids onto the gridiron, and wonders if we should all be having second thoughts about the sport

‘Father Time Ain’t On My Side, That’s the Truth’

Former fullback Fred McCrary banged heads for 11 seasons in the pros. He’s working to become an NFL referee and watching his sons grow up in the game. Life is good, he says—except for the migraines, and the fear of what’s to come

Football’s Taboo TV Topic

Television networks are walking a tightrope when reporting on head injuries. As awareness grows, however, the NFL's broadcast partners know it's a topic that cannot be ignored. But are audiences developing concussion fatigue?

What Price Football?

Football has to change. But for that to happen, we have to stop looking at its evolution as a negative, and realize evolution is the only way our beloved sport will survive

We Chose This Profession

Football is a dangerous, violent way to make a living. Players know that—now more than ever—and are willing to live with the risks. So don’t try to water down what’s best about the game

The First Line of Defense

The role of helmets in making football safer follows a fine line. Manufacturers are using innovating methods to produce smarter models. But will players wear them, and how far can technology go in lessening the impacts that lead to concussions?

A Friday Night in Georgia

At Archer High, an hour outside Atlanta, the facilities are state-of-the-art, concussion awareness is high and the game is thriving. But the tension between love of football and concern over head injuries is growing

Head Trauma in Football: A Special Report

Can football change? Will the sport become safer? How are concussions impacting the game‘s future? Introducing an in-depth series where we tackle those questions, starting at high schools and continuing into college and the NFL

A Way of Life

With a new coach and a new philosophy of passing the ball, a legendary high school program in Kansas has adopted the slogan, 'Welcome to the New Age.' Yet football is still being played in America’s heartland without a certified athletic trainer on the sidelines

For Love of the Game

In a Georgia school district that’s on the cutting-edge of concussion awareness, a pair of football captains are hell-bent on never leaving the field. Watching from the bleachers, their parents wonder just how much they can—or should—control

You’ll Think Twice

In Western Pennsylvania, a football hotbed that's produced the likes of Revis, Marino, Ditka and Namath, the Friday night lights burn bright. And so do questions about brain injuries and the future of the game

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