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Randy Gregory: The Next Great Edge Rusher, If...

The Nebraska product’s athletic traits and relentlessness make him the most tantalizing prospect in this draft class. Gregory will be a great… if he takes well to coaching and, more importantly, keeps himself in line off the field

The Week 9 Mailbag

The MMQB needs readers' help for Thanksgiving football project. Plus we answer questions about Rob Gronkowski's MVP candidacy, Jadeveon Clowney's social media habits and the Robert Griffin III locker room drama

Around the League

Insights on 10 trending topics in the NFL, from Jerry Jones passing on Johnny Manziel to the Dolphins’ double-standard and Tom Brady’s contract projections

The 2014 NFL Draft: Sealed With a Kiss

From Johnny Manziel's long wait on Thursday to Michael Sam's dramatic moment on Saturday, this year's NFL draft will go down in history. Plus, an NFC GM continues his trade prowess and a Ram infiltrates the Falcons' draft room

Manziel Mania, Now Headed to Cleveland

It was a wild ride on Thursday night at Radio City, but to the thrill of practically everyone, Johnny Manziel is a Brown—and neither he nor the beleaguered franchise can wait for the Johnny Football era to begin. Plus, more takes from the first round

I Think ... It's Draft Day!

Expecting to see a trade in the top five? Don't hold your breath. The 2014 NFL draft kicks off today—praise be to Goodell—and while Houston wants nothing more than to move out of the top spot, the Texans likely will stay put and take . . .

The MMQB Mock Draft: Who Teams Should Select

Forget about trying to predict what teams are going to do Thursday night. It's an impossible task. Instead, let's focus on which players make the most sense for each first-round team—even though it won't come close to unfolding this way

The MMQB Mock Draft: Who Teams Will Select

More than in years past, the teams in the 2014 NFL Draft have done a good job of hiding their intentions. Here's our fearless leader's attempt to solve the jigsaw puzzle, complete with a handful of trades and a relative surprise choice at No. 1

It's Draft Week ... Finally

The uncertainty of the 2014 draft is only rivaled in magnitude by the walkup, which mercilessly comes to an end in three days. Whose name will Roger Goodell call first at Radio City? It's the Texans' secret, and they're not telling

A Mayock & McShay Q&A

Forget the prospects. The most recognizable faces during the NFL draft process are media stars Mike Mayock and Todd McShay. What do these guys do and how do they define success? One thing’s for sure: It’s not about the mock drafts

What to do at No. 2?

The Rams will have a tough choice May 8. Should they take the best defensive player on the board (possibly Jadeveon Clowney) or boost the offense with Sammy Watkins or a top tackle? Our unsolicited advice for St. Louis, plus mail

The ‘Torturous’ 2014 Draft

That description—courtesy of an NFL head coach, on the process of evaluating this year’s QB prospects—also fits the interminable walkup to the league’s pushed-back May draft. With two weeks to go, here’s what we think we know

The Draft Games Begin

It’s a rite of April. Draft chatter is at full buzz and no one knows what’s the truth and what’s just spin. Let’s cut through all that with five things to know as May 8 draws near. Plus, NFL Media’s new leader, 10 things and my journey to England

The Clowney Conundrum

Jadeveon Clowney perhaps has more talent than the best pure pass-rusher in NFL history, Lawrence Taylor. So why isn't the South Carolina star a No. 1 pick lock? A look into the 2014 draft's biggest mystery, plus a reader mailbag

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