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The Week 4 Mailbag

An explanation on why we devoted space on a football website to talk about Derek Jeter. Plus questions on the road failures of Sean Payton and Drew Brees, Cam Newton's body language and what the future might hold for the Titans

Time to Pay Attention to Tennessee

The Titans haven't been to the postseason since '08, so they're easy to overlook. But an eyebrow-raising road win over a playoff team to open the season should put the rest of the league on notice: Jake Locker and company are here to play

10 Things I Think I Think: The Preseason

Why the three first-round rookie quarterbacks should sit, and why a QB drafted much later might be the best of the rookie bunch. Plus, the tales of three rising defenders: a star in Tennessee that is worth every penny of his new contract, a physical freak emerging as a force in Cincinnati, and a misfit in Philly who needs be rescued from the wrong scheme

Johnny Preseason

The Manziel circus is in full swing in Cleveland, and the ringleader job might be his to lose. Plus, Michael Sam is not an alien, why the color of Week 1 was yellow and more observations with the first set of preseason games in the books

Explaining the Fifth-Year Option for Teams

A key deadline occurs Friday night regarding players picked in the first round of the 2011 draft. For teams, it's a chance to get an extra year—on the cheap—from a talented young player. For players, it's a chance to see their true status

What to do at No. 2?

The Rams will have a tough choice May 8. Should they take the best defensive player on the board (possibly Jadeveon Clowney) or boost the offense with Sammy Watkins or a top tackle? Our unsolicited advice for St. Louis, plus mail

Why Whisenhunt Makes Sense

The Titans got their man—a coach who knows how to push the right buttons—with some down-to-the-wire decision-making. Now, can he turn Jake Locker into a franchise QB?

Music City Makeover, or Music City Mirage?

Jake Locker has been one of the league's most improved players through three weeks, but the next month will let us know if it's for real; more things I'll be looking for in Week 4

Grounded in Reality

With a renewed focus on running the ball and playing stout defense, the Titans look like the Jets circa 2009. They just need Jake Locker to be better than Mark Sanchez

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