Jared Allen

Bears Preview: It All Depends on Luck, Growth

Injuries had their way with Chicago in Marc Trestman's first season as coach. But with renewed health, a rebuilt pass rush and progression on offense, the Bears should have what it takes to challenge for an NFC North title

Jim Kelly Tough

From his hospital room and surrounded by family, Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly details his second—and more serious—fight with cancer. Plus, DeSean Jackson begins search for a new team and the King family suffers a great loss

Fast and Spurious

NFL free agency opened with more than 60 contracts and a $1 billion binge on the first day alone, but the eye-popping numbers don’t tell the whole story. Let's pause to assess the winners, the losers and the leaps of faith ... plus, my take on Vince Wilfork’s impending divorce from the Patriots and why Everson Griffen—who?—became a rich man

The Billion-Dollar Day

The craziest—and spendiest—day in the history of free agency is in the books. But the most unbelievable part? Bigger news is still ahead, with DeMarcus Ware, Chris Johnson, Jared Allen and other NFL stars still on the market

Let's Not Make a Deal

The NFL has cornered the market on excitement and intrigue. So why is the trade deadline always so boring and anticlimactic? A few factors are at play in why the deadline is usually a dud

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