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The Case for Adam Gase

He has succeeded with Tebow, Manning and Cutler. Why one of the sharpest young offensive minds in football will top head-coaching wish lists this winter

Perception and Truth in Philly

Chip Kelly has taken some hits, in the media and from former players, this off-season. Now it’s the Eagles coach’s turn to communicate his thoughts. Plus, how badminton helped Sam Bradford, an ironman in Cleveland, the 2014 playoff team that’s better than everyone thinks and much more

Chicago’s New Regime Should Rely on an Old Stalwart

Matt Forte has been the Bears’ best offensive player for seven straight seasons, and don’t expect new coach John Fox and coordinator Adam Gase to deviate from that in 2015. Get ready for the veteran running back to be QB Jay Cutler's best friend in a revamped, quick-strike scheme

No. 56: Jay Cutler

Six years ago he was viewed as a franchise savior. Now, on his third head coach and fifth offensive coordinator, with fans’ frustration boiling over, it has come down to this: Jay Cutler has one last chance to make it work in Chicago

The Trade That Was Never Going to Happen

All those rumors of huge offers for the No. 2 pick? Didn’t happen. The Titans never got an offer they seriously considered. That’s because Tennessee made sure everyone knew exactly what they thought of Marcus Mariota: He was always going to be their quarterback of the future


Jay Cutler’s three touchdown passes lifted Chicago to victory over Minnesota, but they did little to make fans forget about what a miserable season it’s been. The Bears are now tied with the Vikings for last place in the NFC North, and the paying customers are screaming for a new face of the franchise

The Perfect Patriot

On Sunday night, America tuned in to see Tom Brady and Andrew Luck battle for AFC supremacy. Instead an undrafted journeyman running back stole the show. Plus, the Chiefs roll on, and what's next for Adrian Peterson?

Finding Mr. Right, or Stuck with Mr. Wrong

When a team has a franchise quarterback, it wins. When a team doesn’t, it loses, and the search to find one consumes the entire organization for years. Too simplistic? It’s the reality in today’s QB-centric NFL

The Thing About Jay Cutler...

The Chicago Bears can fire the head coach, the defensive coordinator, and the GM. But none of those moves would answer the most crucial question facing a franchise in shambles: Is their quarterback the leader he needs to be?

The Week 10 Mailbag

Revisiting the Jimmy Graham pass interference call at the end of regulation in the Saints-49ers game. Plus, answering reader questions about the Bears' problems, the Seahawks' passing issues and whether refs should police fumble dogpiles

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