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The Tuesday Mailbag

Questions on hot topics including Josh Freeman's fall from grace, long working hours for coaches, an NFL double standard and the varied uses of service dogs

The Billion-Dollar Day

The craziest—and spendiest—day in the history of free agency is in the books. But the most unbelievable part? Bigger news is still ahead, with DeMarcus Ware, Chris Johnson, Jared Allen and other NFL stars still on the market

Why Joe Didn’t Know

A CEO-type coach like the Dolphins’ Joe Philbin trusts in institutions such as the player development program and leadership councils to handle locker-room and other off-field issues. NFL players will tell you that approach will fail if those institutions aren’t strong

How to Fix the Locker Room

Football takes young men from the most diverse backgrounds, throws them together and expects harmony. But that can’t happen without a stronger hand, higher standards and better training on tolerance

There's No Easy Answer

Opinions are wide-ranging on what needs to happen to assure another Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito situation won't reoccur. Readers weigh in, including one who believes the NFL should follow the example of another American institution

The NFL’s Wake-Up Calls

The timing of Michael Sam’s announcement and—five days later—the release of the Ted Wells report made one thing crystal clear: It’s time to professionalize pro football. Plus, America’s new non-hero and more as NFL eyes shift to Indy

The Fallout From The Ted Wells Investigation

The long-awaited report on the Dolphins' workplace environment is out. What was learned? It was more than just Richie Incognito harassing Jonathan Martin, punishment will be widespread and locker-room culture will never be the same

Ted Wells Report: A Culture Gone Wrong

The official report on the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito case isn’t an indictment of the NFL locker room as a whole, but a case study in what can happen when it’s left to operate without restraints or mature leadership

Deconstructing Jonathan Martin

With the recently leaked text messages between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin, and the pending release of the Ted Wells investigation into that scandal, Tony Dungy—who interviewed Martin—offers his insight on the sordid deal

Coaches on the Hot Seat

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio discusses which coaches are in danger of being fired and more of the league's hot-button issues entering the home stretch

The Locker Room Culture

Is hazing a real problem? Former player Ross Tucker contrasts how things are with how things were when he was in the NFL

Here Come The Suits

As the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin saga enters its second week, all parties involved are preparing for what comes next. From the players to the team to the league, here's a look at how this ugly situation in Miami might be resolved

The Man In The Middle

Fox Sports NFL insider Jay Glazer opens up about his Richie Incognito interview, addressing his methodology in determining questions, answering his many critics and revealing his original plan included a joint sit-down with Jonathan Martin

No Calming the Storm

As information continues to leak out about the Incognito-Martin saga in Miami, nothing has been more porous than the patchwork offensive line. The Dolphins remain in the playoff picture despite rushing for just two yards and falling to the winless Bucs on Monday night. But for how long?

NFC Is About to Get Real

The Lions and Panthers are making strong pushes for the playoffs, just as we all predicted in August. (Right?) But first things first: All of the NFC’s top teams are on the brink of what should be a wild final seven weeks

Confronting Race, Head On

The ugliness in Miami this week brought to the forefront the serious and complex issue of what’s accepted and what’s not in the locker room and beyond, and when a real leader must step up

Did the Dolphins Do Anything Wrong?

The Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin story has put the spotlight squarely on the infrastructure of the Miami Dolphins organization. Who knew what and when? With the amount of support staff watching the players, everything is noticed

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