Josh Freeman

The Tuesday Mailbag

Questions on hot topics including Josh Freeman's fall from grace, long working hours for coaches, an NFL double standard and the varied uses of service dogs

NFL Replay Up for Review

When referees go under the hood for challenges next season, they might get to consult officiating czar Dean Blandino in the league office ... plus, more agenda items for next week’s league meetings (playoff expansion by 2015!) and how free agency has transformed the NFL’s middle class

The QB Carousel Will Be Dizzying in 2014

A recent slowdown in teams changing quarterbacks from season to season certainly will not continue in 2014. Here's a look at nine teams that could be in the market for a new franchise man and whip the offseason into a full-on frenzy

Peyton Versus His Past

Broncos-Colts is the game of the weekend. How will Peyton Manning play against his ex-team, in his former home? Plus, 10 more storylines to watch in Week 7

Monday Night Preview

The Vikings debut their new quarterback Monday in New Jersey. Can Josh Freeman keep the Giants winless? Or will Eli Manning and company get it going?

Minnesota’s Man?

Josh Freeman needed a place to rehab his reputation and re-prove his ability. The Vikings wanted to find a quarterback of the future. Is it a perfect match?

Letdowns, New Leases and Late-Night Football

My thoughts on Tony Romo, unfair scapegoat, what comes next in Minnesota after Josh Freeman’s signing and the thrilling novelty of football 'round the clock

Pass at Your Own Peril

Taking to the air has become the way of the NFL, but when do we reach the point where teams are passing too much, for the worse? We may already be there

One Big Mess

We know that the situation in Tampa is ugly, and getting uglier. In examining how we got to this point and what's next, one other thing is clear: The Bucs have painted themselves into a corner as their season circles the drain

Music City Makeover, or Music City Mirage?

Jake Locker has been one of the league's most improved players through three weeks, but the next month will let us know if it's for real; more things I'll be looking for in Week 4

Seattle’s Ready for the 49ers’ Deception Game

The Seahawks will have to keep their heads on a swivel if they want to find Anquan Boldin Sunday, and that's fine with them; plus more of what I'm looking forward to in Week 2

Buccaneers Preview: Up in the Air

With a first-rate secondary and the league's best ground defense, Tampa Bay will be postseason bound for the first time since ’07 if QB Josh Freeman protects the ball and transforms into a star

The Snake-Charmer of the NFC South

Josh Freeman discusses his slithery pet collection, and the heightened expectations around him and the 2013 Bucs

Preseason Takeaways, Take 2

LeSean McCoy looks ready to bust out, Cam Newton’s play fakes are awful, Champ Bailey’s getting beaten too much and more from the second weekend of games