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No. 48: Mark Rodgers

Russell Wilson has been absurdly underpaid since entering the NFL. His rookie contract is set to expire at the end of this season, setting up one of the most fascinating contract negotiations the league has ever seen. And it will be Mark Rodgers, primarily known as a baseball agent, negotiating the deal

New Concussion Settlement a Win-Win

In a change to the initial agreement, the NFL's monetary award fund for retired players with brain injuries will now be uncapped. It's the right move for everyone

On the Defense After Defending Ex-Players

You still think the players took a bad deal in the concussion settlement, you hate my Super Bowl pick, plus a question on Tim Tebow's future

Fighting for Themselves, Fighting for the Game

The season is near, but don't lose perspective on the importance of the players’ battle in the concussion lawsuit. And meet Kevin Turner, one of its foremost faces

Concussion Settlement: The Debate Resets

With the $765 million settlement of the concussion lawsuit, the issue of head trauma in football now becomes a matter of changing the culture of the game

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