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Tread on the Tire: Why RBs are Losing Their Traction

For no other position in professional sports does early success devalue future worth, but that's exactly the case for NFL running backs. Shelf lives are short, and their prime comes when they play the game for free. Is there any hope?

Why the Big-Money Back Is a Vanishing Breed

The position of Sayers, Smith and Sanders is now one of the least valuable in pro football. What led to the dramatic decline in the worth of running backs? Decreasing big-play potency, ever-evolving offenses and just plain cheaper alternatives

Are the Broncos Busted?

Denver's surprising loss to San Diego took the Broncos out of the driver's seat for the AFC’s No. 1 seed. More worrisome, however, was how poorly Peyton Manning and company played at a time when they should be hitting their stride

Don’t Jump to Conclusions

The Patriots prevailed and Tom Brady won the statistical showdown, but don’t write off Denver—or Peyton Manning—based on a loss in very unusual circumstances

Life’s Bounces

The winds of what looked to be a Broncos rout over the Patriots changed dramatically Sunday night. In a game of oddities, it was only fitting that in the end it all came down to a relative cast of unknowns and the unpredictable landing of one punt

The Forgotten Man

Knowshon Moreno was a first-round pick who fumbled too often and got banished to the scout team in Denver. Instead of sulking, he grinded his way back into the starting lineup to become the unsung hero of Peyton Manning’s offense