The MMQB Mailbag

The stage is officially set for Mariota-Winston Week 1. Plus, Adrian Peterson Vikings news, more on L.A. relocation possibilities and answering reader emails

The Draft’s Catch-22

The Browns landed Manziel with the 22nd pick, but had to beat out three teams vying for the spot. Should the Vikings have pushed harder to move up for Johnny Football instead of angling to get Teddy Bridgewater ten picks later?

Head Trauma in Football: A Special Report

Can football change? Will the sport become safer? How are concussions impacting the game‘s future? Introducing an in-depth series where we tackle those questions, starting at high schools and continuing into college and the NFL

Old Orleans: The Sizzling Saints Look Very Familiar

In thrashing the previously unbeaten Miami Dolphins on Monday night, the New Orleans Saints looked every bit the team that ruled the NFL before Bountygate. The scary part is Sean Payton, Drew Brees and company actually can get better

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