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No. 56: Jay Cutler

Six years ago he was viewed as a franchise savior. Now, on his third head coach and fifth offensive coordinator, with fans’ frustration boiling over, it has come down to this: Jay Cutler has one last chance to make it work in Chicago

For Seattle, Plenty of Blame to Go Around

A coach’s call has been getting all of the attention, but three Seahawks deserve their share of wrath for the Super Bowl-losing interception. Here's what Jermaine Kearse, Ricardo Lockette and Russell Wilson did wrong on the infamous play

The Super Bowl That Took Everyone’s Breath Away

What just happened? New England beat Seattle in Arizona, but the explanation for how it went down is hard to believe. A breakdown of the late interception, plus more on Brady and Belichick’s fourth NFL title and the 2015 Hall of Fame class

In Defense of Darrell Bevell

The Seahawks had the right look for the slant to work, but the interception that clinched Super Bowl 49 was more a function of their limited personnel. Plus, why it was Bill Belichick who made the biggest coaching gaffe, a peek at Tom Brady's note cards, and how the Pats took the option out of Seattle's read-option

The Worst Play Call in Super Bowl History

The Seahawks say that they liked the decision to throw a slant from the 1-yard line, and that the play simply didn't work out. But that's just not the case

The NFL’s Dirty Laundry

While the media obsesses over quiet players and PSI, the biggest problems in professional football go unnoticed. From concussions to non-guaranteed contracts, players are getting fed up with the league's rampant hypocrisy

Dealing With the Wheel

The wheel route is one of Seattle's signature plays. And on Sunday, it will be one of the ways they can get their middling receivers open against a superior Patriots secondary

Containing Russell Wilson

The key to winning the Super Bowl for the Patriots will depend on their ability to keep Seattle's QB under wraps. Here's how New England's defense could do it

What the Patriots Must Do

The No. 1 key for the Patriots on Super Sunday: Get Gronk going

Recipe for a Repeat

What do the Seahawks need to win Super Bowl 49? Marshawn Lynch, for starters

The Deflategate Rundown (And a Little Super Talk)

The Patriots aired their side of the story Thursday, and now the football world awaits the NFL’s ruling. (Don't hold your breath.) Here’s where things stand, along with a quick peek ahead to what we’ll be watching for next week in Phoenix

An Early Look at Super Sunday

Seattle must overcome injuries, and the Patriots must get help for Tom Brady. An early look at the key players and matchups that will decide Super Bowl 49

For XLIX, Seattle Needs Beast Mode in Best Mode

With the elite play of the Patriots’ secondary lately, the Seahawks would be wise to focus on the ground, rolling out the QB and feeding the monster known as Marshawn Lynch

Is There A Franchise QB in the 2015 Draft?

Which quarterbacks in the 2015 draft are worth keeping an eye on? And is forcing turnovers really a defensive strategy, or just dumb luck? That, plus five film study notes on the conference title games, in this edition of Settle This

Year in Review: Passing, Offense Trending Up

Aaron Rodgers' overall production in 2014 matched up as one of the best seasons ever by a quarterback. Plus, Russell Wilson's legs carried him into elite company and a look at more analytical trends that surfaced

A Marshawn Kind of Way

A prodigious back known as Beast Mode, Marshawn Lynch is many things to many people: quiet, ornery, a thug and a jerk. But those who know him best say he’s an introvert who won’t conform—and the best teammate they’ve ever had

The Perfect Patriot

On Sunday night, America tuned in to see Tom Brady and Andrew Luck battle for AFC supremacy. Instead an undrafted journeyman running back stole the show. Plus, the Chiefs roll on, and what's next for Adrian Peterson?

The Struggle of Seattle

An identity crisis, one playmaker jettisoned, another reportedly unhappy. If they're going to have any chance to defend their Super Bowl title, the Seahawks have to figure out who they are—and who is going to make plays—on offense

Big Ben Goes Boom

Ben Roethlisberger’s ridiculous numbers—522 yards, six TDs—stood out on perhaps the greatest collective passing day in NFL history. Plus, a speedster from Pittsburg (the one in Kansas) wins it for the Cardinals, why the Seahawks are still in trouble, a new No. 1 in the Fine Fifteen and much more

Little Things, Big Dividends

Attention to detail was the catalyst in the Seahawks' season-opening, 36-16 dismantling of the Packers. Here's a look at how the defending champs did it, plus what to watch in Week 1 including the matchup no one's talking about