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Believe in the Bengals

Cincinnati is 5-0 for the first time in Marvin Lewis’s 13-year tenure. Pessimists will still point to the franchise’s recent playoff futility, but the true measure of growth isn’t just wins and losses

Extra Points: How the PAT Could Change by This Fall

The 32 teams are near unanimous in believing the point after touchdown needs to change. Precisely how is another story. The details of a compromise that goes to vote in May. Plus why the Saints own the draft, and eight coaches on the spot

Andy Dalton Still Hasn’t Earned His Stripes

It’s hard to pin the Bengals’ wild-card loss on their quarterback, but Dalton did little to win the game as his postseason record dropped to 0-4. As fans grow even more restless, coaches and teammates are quick to his defense

Cincy’s Goal: ‘Exorcise the Elephant in the Room’

Andy Dalton and the Bengals have played on three straight wild-card weekends, and lost every time. Opportunity No. 4 comes Sunday. A Cincinnati coach talks about all the pressure. Plus, another spotlight player and 10 more things to watch

Why the AFC North is Football’s Crown Jewel

A year ago, the NFC West was put on a pedestal as the NFL’s best division. But the aggressive, intelligent and opportunistic teams in the AFC North are changing the discussion. (You just have to ignore Manziel’s performance last Sunday)

The Week 13 Mailbag

The Rams-St. Louis police-Ferguson saga takes another turn, but bottom line: Players should be allowed to express themselves. Plus, answering questions about Mike Tomlin's job security, Jim Harbaugh rumors and playoff reseeding

Super Bowl Sneak Peek

Two months from today in Glendale, we could do worse than getting a rematch of Sunday’s Packers-Patriots showdown. Here’s how Green Bay won. Plus the Ray Rice fallout, the Rams-Ferguson controversy and why now is the time for the Browns to start Johnny Manziel

‘This is Not a Fluke’

The Browns are 6-3 for the first time since being reborn in 1999. After Thursday night’s thrashing of the Bengals, it might be time to consider that Cleveland is for real. Plus, the Week 10 player in the spotlight and 10 things to watch for Sunday

Pressure’s on, Patriots

New England is a mess offensively, and one of the NFL's most formidable defenses comes calling Sunday night. Will the Bengals embarrass the Pats? Plus, the Week 5 player to watch and 10 things to keep an eye on Sunday

‘Football is Full of Heart’

One minute, Devon Still was preparing for his 4-year-old daughter’s dance recital. The next, the Bengals defensive tackle was at a hospital, learning that she had cancer. Here is their heart-wrenching story and how others are rallying to help

10 Things I Think I Think: The Preseason

Why the three first-round rookie quarterbacks should sit, and why a QB drafted much later might be the best of the rookie bunch. Plus, the tales of three rising defenders: a star in Tennessee that is worth every penny of his new contract, a physical freak emerging as a force in Cincinnati, and a misfit in Philly who needs be rescued from the wrong scheme

Bengals Preview: New Staff, Same Stars

After three straight playoff appearances, the Bengals lost their offensive and defensive coordinators to head coaching jobs. But adjusting to a new staff is secondary to the development of their young players, specifically QB Andy Dalton

It's All on Andy ... and Hue

Andy Dalton got one monkey off his back—a contract—but he still has to get another: a playoff win. Enter Hue Jackson, Cincy's new offensive boss and the man charged with getting the QB to perform in January. Plus, reader email

Week in Review: Peter King’s Twitter Mailbag

Addressing the hottest NFL topics: How the league will handle Richie Incognito, responding to Jim Irsay criticism, what the Texans should do with the first overall pick, and why Marvin Lewis is still the Bengals’ coach

Mr. Smith Goes To Tampa

The NFL season is almost over, but it isn't slowing down. Before taking a spin through the coaching carousel, the playoffs and reader emails, we begin with what new Buccaneers coach Lovie Smith will do with his $16 million man

Red Alert

It's not just that Andy Dalton and the Bengals are 6-2 halfway through the season; it's how the QB has been playing and who he's been throwing to. Plus, mailbag questions on the kicking crisis and a sharply-worded take on childish wideouts

Hard Knocks: The Realest Reality TV

Inside the production of the show’s eighth season, where the sweat, blood and sacrifice of training camp is broadcast for the world’s enjoyment

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