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I’m Not Buying the Ndamukong Suh Rumor

The game film suggests that ‘freelancing’ is a smear campaign. Plus, how the Cowboys can survive with Brandon Weeden, what Gary Kubiak must do to get Peyton Manning right, and Bill O’Brien’s early mistake

Joe Philbin: ‘Mentally, We’ve Got to Have a Tougher Team’

The Dolphins coach, a one-time prison guard, is known as a buttoned-up disciplinarian. But part of making his team more focused means he’s starting to cut loose. Just look at him gyrate in that white tuxedo

What Suh Will Do for Fins

The next Albert Haynesworth? Highly unlikely. Big-ticket free agent Ndamukong Suh should be worth every penny... as long as the Dolphins let him do what he does best

Unfinished Business

After a 9-1 start in 2014, the Cardinals limped to a weak finish after losing Carson Palmer to an ACL injury. Will the now healthy QB pick up where he left off? Plus, Mike Tannenbaum's second chance, inside HBO's new football show and more

Zero Hour: The Last-Minute Mock Draft

All the hype turns into reality tonight in Chicago. After three months of fact-finding, this is my best shot at predicting an utterly unpredictable first round

NFL Free Agency: The Free-For-All Has Begun

The dominoes have started to fall, so what does Ndamukong Suh to Miami and Devin McCourty back to New England mean for Darrelle Revis? Why it might be imperative for the Jets to bring back the top corner, plus many more FA thoughts

The MMQB Podcast with Andy Benoit - AFC East Offseason

Andy breaks down the offseason for each AFC East team, including what New England should do with Darrelle Revis, how Rex Ryan will translate to Buffalo and Miami's cap struggles

Draft Projections: AFC East

Throughout draft season, our NFL film-study maven Andy Benoit and college football know-it-all Andy Staples will break down the needs of all 32 teams and suggest which prospects would be the best fit. We start in the division that the Lombardi Trophy calls home...

The Final Over/Under

A college stats professor charts NFL wins, comparing all 32 teams to Vegas and statheads predictions going into the 2014 season

Finding Danny Watkins

A late-bloomer who seemed too good to be true, a first-round bust who helped get a once-untouchable coach run out of town, and to some, a hero. The bizarre football life of a man who was built for the game but born for something else

Miami Still Very Much In It

Despite another heartbreaking loss, the Dolphins are still set up to make some noise as a possible playoff sixth seed

The NFL’s Best Defense

With spectacular play at all three levels and a coordinator favoring flexible schemes, the Dolphins have confused offenses all season. Plus, examining how the Rams are correctly using a new weapon and 10 more notes from film study

Eleventh Heaven

Week 11 is a smorgasbord of meaningful games. Want star power? Welcome to Brady-Luck III. Fancy under-exposed instead? Have a slice of Lions-Cards. And don't forget Packers-Eagles or Chiefs-Seahawks. Plus, 10 more things to watch

Week 9 Twitter Mailbag

Are the Patriots the best team in football right now? Can the Cardinals hold off the Seahawks? Will the Niners have a new coach in 2015? These questions answered, and more

Where to Begin?

Week 9 had no shortage of big-time storylines. Let’s examine each of them, from Big Ben’s second straight six-spot, to the Patriots’ punishment of Peyton, to the Cards’ continued dominance in the NFC

Why London? And Can It Work?

In the eighth year of regular-season games in the U.K., the NFL is edging closer to a permanent team there. Does it make sense? Is it logistically feasible? And do Brits really care enough about the American game to sustain a franchise? We crossed the pond to tackle those questions