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The Raiders Are Finally In Good Hands

You have to go back to the days of Tim Brown and Jerry Rice to find the last time the Raiders’ receiving corps was anything but a glaring weakness. But after drafting Amari Cooper and signing Michael Crabtree to catch passes from rising star Derek Carr, the Oakland offense might finally be headed in the right direction

Don’t Panic, Niners Fans

The reaction to what’s happening with the 49ers ranges from outrage to despair, but remember—there are no winners or losers in March. Let’s allow the process play out, and see the on-field product, before making any final judgments

The 2015 Free Agents Ranked, 1-50

Suh to the Raiders? Hardy to the Falcons? Crabtree to the Seahawks? (!) A look at the top players available when the market opens, and where they best fit

Week 15 Twitter Mailbag

Which 49ers stars could follow Jim Harbaugh out the door? Will there be a new coach and GM in Atlanta? And how long will the Browns stick with Johnny Manziel? That and more as Peter King answers your Twitter questions

49ers Preview: S.F. eyes 4th NFC title game in row

Can a potentially more potent offense offset what might be a decline on defense? San Francisco will find out as Colin Kaepernick and company aim to keep pace with their Super Bowl champion, NFC West neighbors to the north

The Tease of Rookie WRs

Everyone is in agreement: the 2014 draft class of wide receivers is stacked. But don't get too excited about the new skill guys contributing in Year 1. A trend in the college game has made the pro wideout learning curve much steeper

Unparalleled Fascination With Richard Sherman

The numbers don't lie: America is obsessed with the Seattle Seahawks loquacious cornerback. Opinions are passionate on both sides of the issue, but the one thing everyone can agree on: We can't wait to see what he does next

The 13th Man

'Next man up' might be an overused sports cliché, but it's also the reason my Seahawks are going to beat the 49ers. Meet my defensive backfield partner Byron Maxwell, whose strong play has us on the brink of Super Bowl XLVIII

Random Acts of Quarterbacking

The 49ers have a freelancing playmaker with a rocket arm who’s taken them to two NFC title games—but Colin Kaepernick’s eagerness to improvise could ultimately be the Niners’ undoing

Sunday Slate: Analyzing Week 14 Matchups

It should be no surprise: defense will tell the story when the Seahawks and 49ers battle by the Bay. Plus, how the Cowboys should utilize Dez Bryant against the Bears and why the Eagles could have a big day against the Lions

Here Comes San Francisco

Tearing through feeble Washington on Monday night, the 49ers looked very much like the defending NFC champs and a club that could be hitting its stride at just the right time. Plus, mailbag questions, including one that will sour some in Seattle

49ers Preview: Don’t Crown Them Yet

They were the darlings of 2012, but—despite boasting talent and good coaching—more than a few warning signs point to a regression in San Francisco

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