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A Sleepy Football Sunday

The games were mostly a snooze but we still learned plenty on the third Sunday of the season. Here's why a trio of surprise teams are 3-0, the AFC North might be all but over and the U-word whispers have begun in New England. Plus weekly awards, Monday night preview and 10 things I think

An Inevitable Conversation

Ray Rice will get his day in court next week. If his indefinite suspension is lifted, the former All-Pro running back will be free to sign with any team. Would one do it? Here's a hypothetical look at how a coach and GM would make this decision

Nobody Is Laughing

With a fourth straight loss coming in embarrassing fashion, the Jets are in disarray to the point that Rex Ryan could be out of a job. But the head coach is far from the reason Gang Green has fallen apart

Everything’s There But the Fire

He scrambles like Kaepernick, sheds tacklers like Roethlisberger and throws with preternatural precision. It all points to Oregon’s Marcus Mariota as the No. 1 pick next year and sure-fire NFL franchise QB. But does he play it too cool?

The Franchise Backup

His first NFL coach laments unrealized potential. His current ones question his drive. On his last football legs at 34, Michael Vick appears content watching from the Jets’ sideline and taking what he calls ‘a step back away from the game’

Jets Preview: Rex Ryan's Last Stand

There are so many questions in New York: Who will be the quarterback? Which Chris Johnson will show up? Can the defense survive without a star cornerback? The answers will determine the temperature of Rex Ryan's seat come January

Jets Report: It’s Geno’s Job to Lose

In the second year of GM John Idzik’s tenure, the Jets are hoping to put their trust in second-year QB Geno Smith. Michael Vick might be on the bench waiting to seize an opportunity, but the future is now

Locker-Room Culture Change Starts Now

The NFL begins its three-week, 32-team journey to improve the workplace environment. Plus, celebrating 25 years at Sports Illustrated, an owner talks Los Angeles and London, commencement speeches and a travel note to beat 'em all

Crash Landing for New Jet

After two weeks on the market, ex-Titan Chris Johnson has a new team: the Jets. What can New York expect from the running back with six straight 1,000-yard seasons? Definitely not the superstar CJ2K had been in Tennessee

Vick? Geno? What Are the Jets Doing?

Signing Michael Vick in free agency was a head-scratching move for a team that spent a high draft pick on Geno Smith 10 months earlier. All signs point to a faux QB competition and a decision-making group simply trying not to get fired

No Longer Your Dad’s NFL

Shawn Hochuli—the son of Ed—is all but guaranteed to be working on Sundays this fall, just as officiating undergoes a major overhaul ... plus, Johnny Football’s pro day, Jim Kelly’s latest battle, the sad saga of Mark Sanchez and more

Free Agency, A Primer

Cornerbacks are about to get paid, skill players are not and everything else you need to know with NFL free agency about to begin. Plus, thoughts on Rashard Mendenhall's early retirement, Geno Smith's arm and an NFL owner's passing

Buyer Beware

Fans love the flurry of free agency. Unfortunately, so do some teams. But if you think that shiny free agent signing is too good to be true, it probably is

The Bears’ Big Decision

Jay Cutler’s contract is set to expire at the end of the 2013 season. Will the Chicago Bears bring back the franchise quarterback or let him loose in free agency? The answer is somewhere in the middle

The QB Carousel Will Be Dizzying in 2014

A recent slowdown in teams changing quarterbacks from season to season certainly will not continue in 2014. Here's a look at nine teams that could be in the market for a new franchise man and whip the offseason into a full-on frenzy

Undrafted and Still Dancing in Detroit

Rookie tight end Joseph Fauria has made an immediate impact on the Lions, and not just with his end-zone moves. Where did they find this guy? Plus, mailbag questions on the NFL's No. 2 team and the Vick-Foles debate

Video: The Midweek Report

The hot topics after Week 1: Can Michael Vick stay healthy, are MJD and Arian Foster on the decline, and how should the Giants deal with David Wilson's fumbleitis?

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