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Who Can Stop the Patriots?

The MMQB's Peter King looks beyond the Patriots' Monday Night game with the Buffalo Bills to see who could prevent New England from finishing with a perfect record

Remembering a Classic: The Day the Giants Played to Win

With the Patriots set to visit the Giants for the first time in eight years, we revisit the 2007 meeting with the help of key players in the memorable battle. Plus Rex Ryan’s winning return and 10 things to watch in Week 10

What Are You Thinking, Tom Brady? For Real?

What would you ask the New England quarterback if you could get an unguarded answer? One Patriots fan set off on a years-long quest to talk man-to-man—and toss the football around—with Brady (pre-Deflategate). Spoiler alert: He didn't get face time, but he did gain some perspective

Andy Benoit’s Midseason All-Pro Team

He didn’t consult stats or advanced metrics. The MMQB’s film-study guru simply relied on his own eyes and expertise to compile this list—and he’s ready for your challenge flags

Lights Out Football

In their never-ending quest to find a winning edge, NFL teams are turning their players on to the most accessible and natural performance-enhancer: a good night’s sleep

The Week 9 Twitter Mailbag

On Colts injury report funny business, possibility of Patriots finishing undefeated and how the Cowboys can band-aid their issues until Romo's return 

Miami’s Miracle Man

He breathed life into a team that was all but dead, and now comes interim coach Dan Campbell’s biggest test: Can he lead the Dolphins to stun the Pats on a short week? Plus notes on streams, Tampa and more

Going to School on Deflategate

The University of New Hampshire is offering a course on the never-ending battle between Roger Goodell and Tom Brady. For three hours on a recent Wednesday evening, The MMQB went inside the classroom and the case

From Apprentice to Master

Bruce Arians, Joe Gibbs and Bill Parcells each had a hand in molding Todd Bowles, who is now remaking the Jets in his own image

Always a Step Ahead

It was Tom Brady’s ability to move, plus some adjustments from offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, that topped yet another creative defense designed specially to stop the Patriots

Running from the Truth

With all the focus on Deflategate, the spotlight for Colts-Patriots should instead be on Indy’s rush defense, which has been gashed in three previous meetings. Can New England do it again? Plus, 10 things to watch in Week 6

The Prospering Patriots

Everyone expected New England to dominate on offense this season, but the performance of its defense has been a pleasant surprise. A remade secondary is beating expectations and is ready for its hardest task so far