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The MMQB Mailbag

The stage is officially set for Mariota-Winston Week 1. Plus, Adrian Peterson Vikings news, more on L.A. relocation possibilities and answering reader emails

No. 1 Tom Brady Finds His Motivation, Again

Throughout his Hall of Fame career, Tom Brady has been driven by perceived slights. A fourth ring might have placated the 37-year-old quarterback, but Deflategate sanctions will add new fuel to his competitive fire

Gronk’s Biggest Gamble

After losing an entire college season to a serious back injury, the formerly indestructible Rob Gronkowski had a decision to make—keep chasing the NFL dream and risk his long-term health, or cash in on a deal that would make him a millionaire at 21 but end his football days for good

No. 4: No One Navigates a Minefield Better Than Bill Belichick

2015 is already shaping up to be the most challenging season of the head coach’s career. But through roster turnover, catastrophic injuries and scandal, there has been one constant in the Belichick era: wins. How he has done it in the past, and how he’ll get it done this year

‘Shut Up and Play?’ Nah...

NFL players who share political views or weigh in on current events are often told to pipe down. Here's why we'll continue to give them a platform to preach. Plus, answering reader email about Tom Brady, Russell Wilson and The MMQB 100

‘How Do We Stop This From Happening?’

In the wake of the killings in Charleston, Eagles cornerback Byron Maxwell returns to his hometown and offers perspective on the tragedy. Plus, a peek inside Rob Gronkowski’s new book, the Steelers’ successful ‘bust’ and more

Shane Vereen on Tom Brady: ‘It’s Hard to Rattle That Man’

Though he signed with the Giants, the former do-it-all Patriots running back is still living in the afterglow of a Super Bowl victory. Did he notice anything about deflated footballs? No, but he’ll see what happens in the future

Pats Fan: Why I’m Giving Up on the NFL

A beleaguered Patriots fan explains how the circus surrounding Deflategate has allowed him to see the NFL for what it is—and set him free

Michael Sam in Montreal: It's All About Football

In opting to sign with the CFL's Alouettes, Michael Sam said his focus is on football and not breaking barriers as an openly gay player. Will it lead him back to the NFL? Plus, answering your questions on Deflategate and workout injuries

Memorial Day and Football

The NFL and veterans have been intertwined since World War II. Here's our own moment of remembrance, plus notes on Tom Brady's next steps, another lawsuit pitting ex-players against the league and much more from our guest columnist

The Brady Appeal: What’s Next in Deflategate Drama

Tired of the lawyerspeak this NFL offseason? Well, hang on a little longer. The union’s appeal of Tom Brady’s four-game suspension is next on the docket, with Judge Roger Goodell presiding. Here’s what to expect this summer

Don’t Grow Attached to the NFL’s New PAT Rule

Pushing back the extra point 13 yards is a huge step for the league, but the tinkering might not have ended when the owners passed the new rule. Plus, news on future Super Bowls, Robert Kraft’s decision to stand down and mail

Robert Kraft is Talking, and He’s Pretty Peeved

The Patriots owner is ‘really worked up’ at the unprecedented penalty the NFL levied on his team based on what he tells The MMQB is ‘ambiguous evidence.’ Plus more on PAT proposals, the La’el Collins saga and a new NFL drug protocol

Can Jimmy Garoppolo Handle the Heat?

With Tom Brady suspended (for now) for the first four games, a 2014 second-round pick out of Eastern Illinois will lead the Super Bowl champions into the 2015 season. Who the heck is this guy?

Memo to NFL Fans and the League Office: Put Your Pitchforks Away

Patriots fans, reel in your paranoia complex. Roger Goodell and the NFL office, scale back on the God complex. Deflategate is the ultimate judgment call, and no one is embracing the nuances of a complicated, murky case

Watch: King on Deflategate

Peter King answers Twitter users’ questions on Brady’s Hall status, who benefits most from the punishment and more

Deflategate, Digested

The Wells report has been out a week, and the NFL’s punishment is two days old. Time to gather the thoughts of everyone from veteran NFL writers to fans and answer the question: Did the league come down too hard on New England?

Hell Hath No Fury Like …

... a Boston sports fan scorned? After the NFL handed down the harshest penalties ever imposed on a franchise, The MMQB shipped up to Boston to capture the pulse of the city where the Patriots were recently feted with a confetti-strewn parade. Are they on to Super Bowl 50?

Ted Wells Strikes Back

Ted Wells doesn’t usually talk to the media after he releases a high-profile report. On Tuesday, he made an exception. Wells fiercely defended the report that led to stern punishments in the Deflategate scandal. In the ugly battle between the NFL and its reigning champion, the independent investigator has now chosen a side

Ten Questions for Tom

Seemingly everyone in America has spoken out regarding the Deflategate punishment—except Tom Brady himself. Time for the Pats QB to stand up and state his case. Here’s what I’d ask him