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Every NFL Play Is a Brutal Game of Chess

Football games are won on the merits of power, speed and a refined intelligence. James Urban, the Bengals’ receivers coach and one of the most respected assistants in the league, walks us through the nuances of how plays are designed, routes are run, and passes get thrown

Football’s Next Frontier: The Battle Over Big Data

NFL players have signed a five-year deal with WHOOP, a biometric performance company that measures workout strain, recovery, and quality of sleep via a wearable band. If teams want to see the data, they’re going to have to pay up . . . but they won’t be the only customers

Parting Thoughts

Emily Kaplan is leaving SI and joining ESPN to cover hockey. Before she turns in her playbook, she shares her favorite MMQB moments 

The Playoff Bowl: The Worst Kind of Garbage Time

For a decade, the NFL staged an exhibition to determine third place. Vince Lombardi famously called it “a hinky-dink game,” while others just labeled it the Losers’ Bowl or the Toilet Bowl. But it still played a significant role in shaping the sports landscape of the 1960s

Adrian Peterson Believes, And So Do The Saints

It’s too early to say if the ex-Viking will find his footing in New Orleans, but his new teammates swear the veteran running back still has the juice. A look at Peterson’s next chapter, plus notes on an emerging Dolphins star, a Lion-sized loss and a subtle but significant change for those in stripes

Good at Everything But Great at Nothing

That’s one way of saying Jeremy Maclin is just an above average receiver, but he’ll still be a boon to the Ravens’ offense . . . plus thoughts on Carson Wentz, John Ross, Julian Edelman, Jay Cutler, and more

The Idea of Brotherhood in the NFL Is A Farce

The Jets did wrong by cutting David Harris when they did, but no one should be surprised by how NFL teams treat their players . . . plus a look at Kaepernick’s ongoing unemployment, the Ryan brothers’ bar room scuffle, the best trolling of Cam Newton, and more

Cultures in Need of Change

We’re looking squarely at you, Jacksonville and Los Angeles (Rams) . . . plus, dropping CFL knowledge as Vince Young mounts his comeback and football books worth reading this off-season

The Quest for a Better Football Helmet

The game’s health depends on mitigating concussions and trauma caused by subconcussive hits. That’s why the NFL has incentivized the equipment industry with $60 million and called for a better overall helmet within three years, and position-specific helmets within five

NFL Celebrations: The Fun Police Will Ride Again

The league has relaxed its celebration penalties, but we’ll still complain about a few killjoys come Sunday afternoons in the fall . . . plus that time a star player told me he wouldn’t show up to OTAs in Green Bay even if it meant losing a $5 million bonus

An NFL Memorial Day Medley

Here’s a holiday look on what’s happening around the league, including items on the Sherman-Seahawks situation, a fledgling flag football idea featuring Michael Vick, a Texan’s triumphant return to the field and more

Roger Goodell is on Mission to Mend Fences With Players

In the first relatively drama-free offseason in a while, the commissioner is taking steps toward repairing previously broken relationships. Here’s how that process is going, plus items on the Aaron Donald contract situation, three options for Kirk Cousins and Bill Belichick’s perfect overtime rules