NFC Championship Game

‘I Jumped Up, Reached for the Ball … and My Life Changed Forever’

I was supposed to block for Jordy Nelson on the now infamous onside kick in the NFC Championship Game. But my mind went blank and instinct just kicked in. The mishap led to death threats, my release from Green Bay and a recurring nightmare. I hope to one day be remembered for something else

A Football Sunday With Richard Sherman

After a big divisional-round win on Saturday—and a random drug test the next morning—the All-Pro cornerback settled himself on the couch and began scouting the Seahawks’ next opponent. A day at Sherman’s lair reveals why, win or lose, he may ask Aaron Rodgers to swap jerseys after the NFC Championship Game

Unparalleled Fascination With Richard Sherman

The numbers don't lie: America is obsessed with the Seattle Seahawks loquacious cornerback. Opinions are passionate on both sides of the issue, but the one thing everyone can agree on: We can't wait to see what he does next

Fourth-and-7? Let It Fly!

How a gutsy coaching change-of-mind, a deceptive double snap count and three quick-thinking receivers in tune with their quarterback put the Seahawks over the 49ers in the NFC Championship Game

Sunday’s Most Important Unknown

Over the top? Maybe, but there’s no denying umpire Bill Schuster will have his hands full when the Seahawks and 49ers meet for the NFC title game. How will he and the rest of the officiating crew handle the chippiness between enemies?

The 13th Man

'Next man up' might be an overused sports cliché, but it's also the reason my Seahawks are going to beat the 49ers. Meet my defensive backfield partner Byron Maxwell, whose strong play has us on the brink of Super Bowl XLVIII

Can You Hear Me Now?

There isn’t a more uninviting place for a visiting NFL quarterback than CenturyLink Field, where Seattle’s 12th Man might as well be in the huddle screaming into a megaphone. Lean in close and listen to Bucs QB Mike Glennon explain how bad Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers will get it on Sunday