Settle in for More Deflategate

There’s one thing you can count on as the drama returns to court: a complete lack of trust and palpable dislike on both sides. Plus my thoughts on Geno Smith, deadlines for deals and why signing Ray Rice would be no easy matter

The MMQB Mailbag

The stage is officially set for Mariota-Winston Week 1. Plus, Adrian Peterson Vikings news, more on L.A. relocation possibilities and answering reader emails

Will NFL Broadcasts Ever Embrace Advanced Stats?

Sabermetrics changed the way pro baseball is analyzed. A similar movement is under way in football, but you wouldn't know it by watching games on television

Hubris and Hogwash

Mark Cuban was scoffed and sneered at for warning the NFL about the perils of arrogance. His words now look prophetic as the mighty league has been made vulnerable by player misdeeds and the failures of leadership

Trying to Put the Instant Back in Replay

The NFL's new replay review system, featuring a centralized office in New York with officials monitoring every game, is expected to speed up the process. Here are the details of how everything will work, plus answers to readers' questions

NFL Needs a D-League

A large section of the NFL workforce will lose their jobs in the next two weeks. Soon, there might be a better alternative for fringe players to keep alive their dream of playing pro football. Here's why a developmental league makes sense

Sweat the Small Stuff

Aaron Rodgers is one of the most accurate and efficient quarterbacks in NFL history. His coach says he arrived at camp in 'the best shape I've ever seen.' What's the Green Bay star's offseason secret? Revealing that, plus reader mail

The Secret to Being a Good O-Line Coach is C.O.O.L.

Offensive line is the least glamorous position in the NFL, and coaching it is not a star turn either. But amid the anonymity is a group bond that extends beyond team borders. Welcome to the annual Coaches of Offensive Linemen clinic

My Career Starts Now

Chicago Bears safety Brock Vereen, a fourth-round draft pick in May, recently attended the NFL Rookie Symposium in Ohio with the rest of the league's first-year players. Here is his account of what he learned at the enlightening event

A Tie’s a Win for the NFL

The latest turn in the concussion lawsuit saga—a judge gave her preliminary approval to a revised settlement—was good news for both sides. Here, we explain why the league and its owners ultimately will be the biggest beneficiaries

The Reduced Offseason

With strict limits on player activity between February and July, coaches have complained about the negative impact on the sport’s quality. It only makes sense, since the restrictions were put in place without input from those griping

Why I’m Suing the NFL

Former Bears tackle Keith Van Horne is battling heart conditions and bouts of extreme dizziness. He blames team doctors for issuing excessive doses of painkillers and no warning about the risks