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DeShone Kizer and the Fraternity of the Golden Dome QB

It’s been a while since the Notre Dame pedigree mattered for an NFL quarterback; the last star QB to come out of South Bend was Joe Montana 37 years ago. Former Fighting Irish signal callers weighed in on the pressures of South Bend, and why Kizer might be the one to break the NDQB drought

Gil Brandt: The Draft Guru Who’s Seen It All

Over six decades as a scout, personnel boss and analyst, the man who helped invent sophisticated player evaluation has watched the NFL’s annual talent roundup evolve from seat-of-the-pants to a year-round, made-for-TV (and internet) spectacle. One thing that hasn't changed: the qualities that make a prospect ready for the pros

Derrick Henry Answers the Big Questions

The Heisman winner ran rampant through college defenses this season, an unusually big back who handled an unusually large workload. Does the Alabama star have the skills to succeed in the NFL?

A Casualty of the NFL Draft

After careful consideration, Wyoming quarterback Brett Smith forwent his senior season and declared for the 2014 draft. Unclaimed and unable to go back to school, his journey highlights a broken process the league is trying to fix

Questioning the Practice

The 2011 CBA was negotiated to reduce mileage on players in the offseason. Coaches hate it, players want access to the facilities, but the time away may make teams better ... plus, a ChuckStrong update and Greg Hardy’s legal woes

The Wait Is Almost Over

The long, arduous draft process is finally wrapping up. After months of uncertainty, Andre Williams is about to find out where his NFL career will begin

‘Draft Day’ Reality Checks

The Kevin Costner movie had unprecedented access to capture the inner workings of the NFL draft and how front office executives go about their business. I lived that life for a decade—here’s what Hollywood got right and wrong

The NFL’s Next Big Thing Isn't Really Big at All

But Clemson wideout Sammy Watkins has the strength to outmuscle linebackers and the speed to leave cornerbacks in his dust. Can this potential top five pick break the mold, or will he just end up breaking a general manager’s heart?

A Combine Reality Check

Think you’re seeing all the best prospects in Indy this week? Think again. Plenty of college players who’ll be productive pros—and possibly stars—don’t even get invited. Just ask Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith

Return of the Freak

Jadeveon Clowney's junior season dampened the ridiculous excitement surrounding the defensive end that started when he was a freshman in high school. At the combine, expect the South Carolina product to get the NFL drooling again

Things to Eye in Indy

Here's what you need to watch as the combine dominates the NFL world over the next week

Time for Style vs. Substance

We've got enough on tape to accurately judge this draft's top prospects. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. Workouts and pro days are upon us, the time when sheer athleticism comes to the forefront to cloud our judgment

20 Things I Think I Think About the Senior Bowl

A receiver bonanza, the next Geno Atkins and no clear-cut franchise QBs. Those are just three of the things I saw in a first-round-light Senior Bowl group. Here are my takeaways from a few days in Mobile

The Hype Is No Joke

But neither is Jadeveon Clowney’s subpar junior season. Once thought to be crown jewel of the 2014 NFL draft, the South Carolina defensive end has opened himself up to scrutiny about his work ethic and maturity. He doesn’t turn 21 until Valentine’s Day, but teams are going to dig deep before falling in love

Settling In, or Saying Goodbye?

Senior Day festivities open a window into who could be leaving school early. For those players, chances to impress NFL scouts in actual game action are running out

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