Hardy’s New Bench Trial

Greg Hardy was convicted and then cleared of domestic-abuse charges by the North Carolina judicial system. A look at why the NFL’s new disciplinary process still suspended him for 10 games ... plus, answering your questions about the 2015 schedule, Jim Harbaugh and Aaron Hernandez

De Smith Stays. Will Anything Change?

Despite vocal discontent from a host of challengers, DeMaurice Smith has been re-elected for another three years as the NFLPA’s boss. Will the players’ lot, or union-league relations, improve?

Still Judge, Jury and Executioner

Friday's Ray Rice decision was a setback for Roger Goodell, but even through another defeat the commissioner shows no signs of backing off his role as the Conduct Commissioner

‘Confusion, Mistrust, Frustration, Anger’

NFLPA boss DeMaurice Smith and president Eric Winston speak out strongly against what they see as commissioner Roger Goodell’s unilateral and arbitrary enforcement of new discipline. If “Everything is on the table,” the union asks, why won’t the NFL come to the table?

It Goes Beyond Goodell

The commissioner is taking the brunt of the blame for mishandling the Ray Rice discipline. But as with all Personal Conduct Policy matters, there were other factors, and other people, influencing the league's decision

The Reduced Offseason

With strict limits on player activity between February and July, coaches have complained about the negative impact on the sport’s quality. It only makes sense, since the restrictions were put in place without input from those griping

Would the NFL Trade Marijuana for HGH?

The NFL wants to test for human growth hormone. The players want rules banning marijuana use relaxed. Is there a compromise to be made? It's more complicated than that, but several bridges to resolution are on the horizon

The Painkiller Problem

Eight retired players are suing the NFL claiming their painkiller addiction was the result of playing pro football. Do they have a case? Here, we break down possible defense strategies and explain why this could lead to marijuana use being condoned by the league

The Games Go On, And So Does Life

Players have always complained about a lack of support when their NFL careers are over. That’s about to change thanks to the NFLPA’s new program, The Trust

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