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Holiday Gift Guide: Stuff

More recommendations of potential presents for football fans, including electronics, accessories, barware, home decor and so much more

The Raiders’ Rough Road

The NFL’s schedule-makers did Oakland no favors with a difficult stretch to end the season, but Jack Del Rio is embracing the challenge. Plus mail on Kaepernick, Kubiak and a new idea on how to make overtime better

The Week 12 Awards

On huge performances by the three best edge players in the league- Von Miller, Justin Houston and Khalil Mack

Sam Wyche: A Thankful Heart

In September, the former NFL coach nearly died from heart failure. This Thanksgiving, Wyche will say a prayer for a man he’s never met—the man whose heart now beats inside his chest

Luke Kuechly and the Gruesome Part of Football

The Panthers’ star linebacker is in concussion protocol with no timetable for his return, but his injury is already being used to teach high school athletes. Plus, the real reason Steve Smith Sr. came back this season and the Fine 15 power rankings for Week 12

Holiday Gift Guide: Books

Reading recommendations that cover everything from football to life to leadership, from page-turning nerds including Andrew Luck, Pete Carroll, Ray Lewis, Michael Phelps, Steve Smith Sr. and Peter King

The Grass Is Looking Greener

Recreational and medicinal marijuana use is becoming more accepted across the country. How will those changing attitudes affect NFL players looking to manage their pain?

Higher Elevations

Latavius "Tay Train" Murray looks back on the Raiders’ climb to the top of the AFC West, and explains how the team is preparing to play its next game in Mexico City, where the air is thinner than Denver’s

Midseason Awards

Andy Benoit’s film study reveals the best players at each position

The Week 9 Awards

On Melvin Gordon's big day in a crucial game for the Chargers, Khalil Mack's sacks, and game-changing special teams plays across the league

Where Did the Hoodie Go?

A look at Bill Belichick’s sideline style, with the help of an invaluable database. Plus gear for Raiders fans that doesn’t involve skulls or spikes

Derek Carr Isn’t As Good As You Think

The Raiders are 6-2 and their quarterback has thrown 17 touchdowns and just three interceptions. Some people are even throwing his name around in MVP conversations. But the film tells a different story

Raiders are Scary and Good

It’s Halloween, and Oakland delivered a freaky performance—23 penalties, more than 600 yards of offense, an OT win—to headline Week 8. Derek Carr reflects on how far the team’s come. Plus notes on Atlanta’s statement, Carolina’s season-saver and more from the NFL’s best weekend of the 2016 season

The Week 8 Awards

On Derek Carr's historic day, a better-than-ever Tom Brady and Ezekiel Elliott's consistency