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Who Needs Mariota?

Not the Oakland Raiders; rookie Derek Carr has proved he has what it takes to become a franchise QB. Plus, what separates Russell Wilson from Colin Kaepernick, the Cowboys’ screen game and the Chargers D

The Week 12 Mailbag

What's currently happening in the hyper-competitive AFC North and the sorrowful NFC South is mind-boggling. Plus, answering questions about Odell Beckham's gloves, the Rams' silent owner and Bill Belichick's penchant for punishment

Odell of a Catch

The greatest grab in NFL history? The story behind Odell Beckham’s spotlight-stealing one-handed snare. Plus, the 12 stadiums—from Foxboro to the Bronx to Happy Valley—that nearly hosted Bills-Jets tonight, the Browns do it again, Oakland on the board, Washington still a mess, and much more from Week 12

The MMQB Mock Draft: Who Teams Will Select

More than in years past, the teams in the 2014 NFL Draft have done a good job of hiding their intentions. Here's our fearless leader's attempt to solve the jigsaw puzzle, complete with a handful of trades and a relative surprise choice at No. 1

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