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Here Come the Architects

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is widely opening its doors to contributors beyond the playing field. With the selection of ex-GMs Ron Wolf and Bill Polian as class of 2015 finalists, expect more team builders to be considered down the road

His Job Is Safe, His Credibility Is Shot

Two years ago, Roger Goodell told the Saints that ignorance was not a suitable defense in the Bountygate scandal. In the wake of the second Ray Rice video, the NFL commissioner is using that same defense. His credibility is slipping away

Is the NFL’s No-Nonsense Sheriff Turning Soft?

Roger Goodell has long ruled with an iron fist, but following Ray Rice’s mere two-game ban, the so-called ‘judge, jury and executioner’ is catching heat for being too lenient. Which begs another question: Why aren’t people up in arms about the Ravens doing nothing?

Paul Tagliabue's Post-9/11 Correspondence

Thirteen years ago, the 9/11 attacks changed the world. NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue was among the leaders who were tested like never before, navigating the league through a difficult time with grace and wisdom. He shared with The MMQB some of his letters and notes from the days after the attack

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