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I Think ... It's Draft Day!

Expecting to see a trade in the top five? Don't hold your breath. The 2014 NFL draft kicks off today—praise be to Goodell—and while Houston wants nothing more than to move out of the top spot, the Texans likely will stay put and take . . .

'Must Keep The Faith'

A slight setback kept Jim Kelly from beginning chemotherapy Monday, but the legendary Bills quarterback and his family are keeping it in perspective. Meanwhile, readers respond to the story of Kelly's second battle with cancer

Free Agency, A Primer

Cornerbacks are about to get paid, skill players are not and everything else you need to know with NFL free agency about to begin. Plus, thoughts on Rashard Mendenhall's early retirement, Geno Smith's arm and an NFL owner's passing

Here’s (The Real) Johnny

He’s saying and doing all the right things, but can Johnny Manziel prove himself worthy of being the No. 1 pick in the 2014 draft? Plus, the Niners-Browns mess, a way-too-early Top 10 mock draft and more from the combine in Indy

The NFL’s Wake-Up Calls

The timing of Michael Sam’s announcement and—five days later—the release of the Ted Wells report made one thing crystal clear: It’s time to professionalize pro football. Plus, America’s new non-hero and more as NFL eyes shift to Indy

A Clean Sweep

The poster children for the NFL's mission to eradicate head hits from the game? Look no further than the Seahawks, who were the opposite of dirty birds en route to winning the Super Bowl. Plus, readers react to Michael Sam coming out

Unparalleled Fascination With Richard Sherman

The numbers don't lie: America is obsessed with the Seattle Seahawks loquacious cornerback. Opinions are passionate on both sides of the issue, but the one thing everyone can agree on: We can't wait to see what he does next

Just How It Should Be

They say the NFL is an unpredictable league, but you didn't have to go too far out on a limb in August to see the 49ers and Seahawks, and Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, left alone at the top playing for a Super Bowl. That's OK, though—unpredictability is overrated when you have two games this great

A Perfect Weekend (Except the Bengals)

Wild-card weekend certainly lived up to its name, with three thrillers being decided by a total of six points. There was an epic comeback, and epic wind chill. Unfortunately, though, Andy Dalton and co. threw in an epic letdown to put a damper on things

Happy Holidays

Christmas isn’t for two days, but Sunday saw three major gifts given across the league—a likely division title and thrilling comeback for Carolina, a record for Peyton Manning and a landmark win for Bruce Arians and the Cardinals

Movie-Script Endings

It may not have matched the scoring flurry of Week 14, but Week 15 was the stuff movies are made of. From an unknown (to his own team) cornerback to a cast-off quarterback both getting redemption, Hollywood might have just gotten a couple of ideas

Are the Broncos Busted?

Denver's surprising loss to San Diego took the Broncos out of the driver's seat for the AFC’s No. 1 seed. More worrisome, however, was how poorly Peyton Manning and company played at a time when they should be hitting their stride

Best of Times, Worst of Times

Week 14 was the most exciting of the season so far, with records—and snow—falling all over and a blizzard-like finish in Baltimore. Sadly, though, it wasn't all fun and games, with a series of badly blown calls in key spots casting a shadow over Sunday

Game 150: The Crew

The men of Gene Steratore’s officiating team come from diverse walks and weekday jobs—teacher, stockbroker, housing director—but their common bond is a commitment to their craft, to each other and to getting the calls right on Sunday

...And They’re Deep, Too

The Seahawks are a very good football team, maybe the best in the NFL, as Monday night’s surprise shellacking of the Saints suggests. But it’s not all Russell Wilsons and Marshawn Lynches in Seattle, where backups keep leading the way

Philly’s Perfect Pitcher

For the second straight year, a sophomore backup QB in September is making serious noise in December. This time it’s Nick Foles, who’s climbing statistically over the league’s best passers while willing the Eagles back into playoff contention

Here Comes San Francisco

Tearing through feeble Washington on Monday night, the 49ers looked very much like the defending NFC champs and a club that could be hitting its stride at just the right time. Plus, mailbag questions, including one that will sour some in Seattle

Life’s Bounces

The winds of what looked to be a Broncos rout over the Patriots changed dramatically Sunday night. In a game of oddities, it was only fitting that in the end it all came down to a relative cast of unknowns and the unpredictable landing of one punt

Less Nice, More Mean

Gerald McCoy is as friendly as they come off the field. But on Sundays, thanks to some frank advice from Hall of Fame lineman Warren Sapp, McCoy is turning up the nastiness. Peter King catches up with the Bucs' defensive leader

Right And Wrong

Two takeaways from Monday night's epic NFL showdown: The Carolina Panthers absolutely are for real, and the New England Patriots were the victims of a terrible call by officials. My thoughts on both, plus your mailbag questions

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