Ray Lewis

Waging Four Battles and Relying on Joe Cool

The Ray Rice scandal rocked the NFL, but not the Ravens’ locker room. Once the domain of a spitfire linebacker named Ray Lewis, it’s now the province of a ho-hum quarterback who prefers talking over yelling. A look at how Joe Flacco has kept Baltimore on track—and how the team upgraded at running back

The Accidental Coach of the Cleveland Browns

Mike Pettine wasn’t the first choice (or second or third or...) to lead the locker room. But the 47-year-old former high school coach is in Cleveland and ready to unleash a shape-shifting defense set to wreak havoc in the AFC North

Controlling the Dial

There were more hours of NFL pregame coverage (19) than actual game time (13) on Sunday. We cut through the noise to bring you the best insights, the top analysts and what to watch for in Week 2

Ray Lewis Is Still Not Making Sense

He's fiery, but not always coherent—see his Super Bowl blackout conspiracy theory. And now that he's a talking head, we can expect a lot more fun in the future

Ray’s New Role

He was one of the most intense and passionate players ever, but can Ray Lewis succeed on TV?

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