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No. 99: Rachel Nichols

One of the most respected reporters in the industry, she has been a thorn in the commissioner’s side over the past year. She has good reason to be

Deflategate, Digested

The Wells report has been out a week, and the NFL’s punishment is two days old. Time to gather the thoughts of everyone from veteran NFL writers to fans and answer the question: Did the league come down too hard on New England?

Hardy’s New Bench Trial

Greg Hardy was convicted and then cleared of domestic-abuse charges by the North Carolina judicial system. A look at why the NFL’s new disciplinary process still suspended him for 10 games ... plus, answering your questions about the 2015 schedule, Jim Harbaugh and Aaron Hernandez

Roger Goodell, Unplugged

The NFL commissioner sat down with The MMQB for a long discussion about the league’s nightmare year off the field, whether he ever considered resigning, Chris Borland, Los Angeles and more. Plus the NFL veterans combine, Chuck Bednarik’s death and the latest from the annual meeting in Arizona

Baltimore’s Big Problem

For years, the Ravens were one of the NFL’s cleanest teams off the field. But a recent run of arrests has forced the organization to cut contributing players and alter future plans. Plus thoughts on rule changes, signings and more

The Hardy Conundrum

His court case ultimately dismissed, Greg Hardy must now face NFL justice for a domestic violence conviction that the North Carolina legal system overturned. How will he be punished? And who’s making that decision?

The MMQB Media Awards

From breaking news to moving features to on-air embarrassments, the best and worst of 2014 from those who cover the NFL

‘You Have to Recognize the Problem’

Fran Tarkenton pulls no punches on today’s NFL. The Hall of Fame quarterback says Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice should never play again. He rails against the culture of painkillers and performance-enhancers. And he says RG3 is on his way to the same graveyard as JaMarcus Russell and Vince Young

Super Bowl Sneak Peek

Two months from today in Glendale, we could do worse than getting a rematch of Sunday’s Packers-Patriots showdown. Here’s how Green Bay won. Plus the Ray Rice fallout, the Rams-Ferguson controversy and why now is the time for the Browns to start Johnny Manziel

Still Judge, Jury and Executioner

Friday's Ray Rice decision was a setback for Roger Goodell, but even through another defeat the commissioner shows no signs of backing off his role as the Conduct Commissioner

Out of the Shadows

Just a few months after he thought his career might be over, Justin Forsett ran for a career-high 182 yards in the Ravens’ win over the Saints on Monday. Now on his fifth team in seven years, this journeyman could make a trip to the Pro Bowl

Restoring Ray Rice

For the disgraced former Ravens running back, the reality of returning to football relevance might be out of the question. But restoring his name off the field, where at one time he was lauded for his passion to help people, can still be achieved

With or Without You

Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson left the Ravens and Vikings in a bind this season, but their absence hasn’t really hurt the teams’ performances

Courtroom Football: Ray Rice vs. the NFL

The biggest matchup in football this week might be taking place in a New York City law office. That's where an independent arbitrator will listen to Ray Rice appeal his indefinite suspension and the NFL argue the punishment is merited

An Inevitable Conversation

Ray Rice will get his day in court next week. If his indefinite suspension is lifted, the former All-Pro running back will be free to sign with any team. Would one do it? Here's a hypothetical look at how a coach and GM would make this decision

Waging Four Battles and Relying on Joe Cool

The Ray Rice scandal rocked the NFL, but not the Ravens’ locker room. Once the domain of a spitfire linebacker named Ray Lewis, it’s now the province of a ho-hum quarterback who prefers talking over yelling. A look at how Joe Flacco has kept Baltimore on track—and how the team upgraded at running back

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