A Quarterback in the Wind

Washington drafted Robert Griffin III to be a savior, but Sunday’s loss to the Rams felt like a funeral procession. Is there any hope for a franchise quarterback who’s been relegated to mop-up duty?

‘You Have to Recognize the Problem’

Fran Tarkenton pulls no punches on today’s NFL. The Hall of Fame quarterback says Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice should never play again. He rails against the culture of painkillers and performance-enhancers. And he says RG3 is on his way to the same graveyard as JaMarcus Russell and Vince Young

Diagnosing What Ails RG3

Is it the ankle? The knee? Or an Achilles’ heel: his inability to operate from the pocket? The MMQB’s film-study guru says physical setbacks can’t explain away Robert Griffin III’s poor grasp of quarterbacking basics

It Wasn’t Supposed to End Like This

Eliminated in Week 13? A year after leading Washington to a playoff berth, RG3 has looked little like the dynamic multiple threat who would turn a franchise around. Is it just a sophomore slump, or something more serious?

Here Comes San Francisco

Tearing through feeble Washington on Monday night, the 49ers looked very much like the defending NFC champs and a club that could be hitting its stride at just the right time. Plus, mailbag questions, including one that will sour some in Seattle

From Jock to Doc

After eight seasons of professional football, Mark Adickes went back to school for 13 years to become a surgeon. Some know him as Sasquatch, others as Big Daddy. Robert Griffin III knows him as the first doctor to have fixed his knee

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