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The NFL’s Kind of Town

Newly minted players will still dominate the TV spotlight come Thursday night, but the NFL draft has a new verve thanks to its Chicago backdrop

The NFL’s Silly Season Can Have a Serious Side, Too

From mid-June to mid-July, the NFL goes on vacation. But the news cycle never stops. Here, we separate the senseless (Sherman-Crabtree drama) from the significant (Josh Gordon) and appoint an all-time downtime star, Johnny Manziel

Playoffs?! We're Talking About More Playoffs?!

NFL Network's Rich Eisen takes time to talk about the present and future of the game, including what he thinks is a sure thing: More teams playing in January in the near future

How The Next Generation Watches Football

Today's young adults consume the NFL in ways that vary greatly from their parents. A panel of college students discuss those differences, including the impact of Twitter on Sundays and which broadcast personalities resonate

Go Ahead, Open Pandora’s Box

NFL Network host Rich Eisen on Manziel Mania, The Quarterback Whisperer and why he’d never cut it in Santa’s workshop

The 2013 NFL Studio Show Guide

Everything you need to know about where, when and how to get your football coverage on TV this season